I’m probably not far off in thinking when people think about tithing, it usually involves the 10% rule. Not many people think of titheing with their time. Now I’ve heard of this before, that we should give to the Lord our time and talents, but the other day I received a new perspective. Titheing is actually giving the Lord our firsts right, firstfruit as the Bible refers to it. Cain’s sacrifice was not accepted because it wasn’t his first, but Abel’s was. So in regards to time, we should give the Lord the first of our day. How many times do we have a crummy day only to realize that we hadn’t had a quiet time to pray yet. Martin Luther is known to have gotten up 1 hour early every day to pray, except on days he knew was going to really busy……then he’d get up 2 hours early to pray. Since I heard this take on it Sunday, I’ve been trying to give God the first of my day and it just turns out that I’ve had a pretty good week. You should try it.

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