WANTED: Children’s Author

I am so very inspired by our visiting author who came to our school today, Susan Stevens Crummel. My dream is to be an author and as she stood there encouraging the students to continue to write, she encouraged me even more. She told about being invited to go to China and speak and also being invited to the White House to read for an Easter event. She looked at the children and said “That could be you one day” I dream that it is me someday.

In this day and age with technology so advanced, it sometimes seems that books will become obsolete. I hope not. I love them so. She told the children that she’s getting old and all the authors who wrote all the books that were lining the library shelves are getting old. If we don’t write, there won’t be any new books.

I have tried so many times to fit writing into my day, with the best of intentions, only to find life gets in the way. I have submitted 3 different manuscripts to publishing houses all over the place and received my many rejection letters. Now the publishing houses don’t even take the time to send a rejection slip. It’s just if you don’t hear from us in 6 months, just assume we think you stink.

I gathered up my courage to tell her I am an aspiring children’s writer. Her advice: Join the SCBWII chapter, which I let my subscription go, and find a chapter where I can go to meetings, get peer critiqued, and put my manuscript into an agents hand there.

Well, my dream has been rekindled today thanks to this author. I only hope I can get a spark growing just enough to light a flame that will spread like a wildfire.

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