Children’s Book competition

Today I did a big thing! I took one more step towards my dream of authorship and submitted two manuscripts for a competition. I’m really excited and I’m using positive visualization and seeing myself becoming a finalist. I was really on the fence about this because it carried entry fees. I think to myself that millions of people get books published without paying any money. But then I thought about competitions. There is normally a entry fee for any competition. My niece Ashlynn is competing this weekend in a basketball contest and had to pay $4 herself. So, I bit the bullet and paid the fees. After I become a finalist (positive self talk) I have to hit the internet campaigning for votes. The winner will be chosen by votes on the internet. I can just see it, my name on a book! Wish me luck.

Prayer and Fasting

Today is my first day after completing a 21 day fast. Although it was based on the Daniel fast with strict guidelines, I modified it to fit me for no meats and no sweets. Although I imagined today to be a frenzy of gluttony, I can’t seem to bring myself to endulge. I hope that I have been able to break the strongholds that sugar and sweets have held me under and to be able to move forward with a healthier lifestyle. I almost feel like an addict who knows if they take that first drink, smoke, hit, bite whatever….it will be downhill again. Through this, I only lost 5 pounds, which averages out to about 1.5 a week. That is a healthy loss. But the goal was not weight loss but rather for me a commitment to God fulfilled and bringing myself closer to Him. My prayers could definately have been more intense and frequent, but I’m one step closer to Him in my heart.

Great Joy!

My sweet niece Ashlynn was baptized this past Sunday. What a joyous occasion! I am so proud of her and her decision. I know the decision to have Christ as savior and follow through with obedience in baptism is the most important one she could make. I am proud to be her aunt and to have helped pave the path for her. I love you Ashy!