Prayer and Fasting

Today is my first day after completing a 21 day fast. Although it was based on the Daniel fast with strict guidelines, I modified it to fit me for no meats and no sweets. Although I imagined today to be a frenzy of gluttony, I can’t seem to bring myself to endulge. I hope that I have been able to break the strongholds that sugar and sweets have held me under and to be able to move forward with a healthier lifestyle. I almost feel like an addict who knows if they take that first drink, smoke, hit, bite whatever….it will be downhill again. Through this, I only lost 5 pounds, which averages out to about 1.5 a week. That is a healthy loss. But the goal was not weight loss but rather for me a commitment to God fulfilled and bringing myself closer to Him. My prayers could definately have been more intense and frequent, but I’m one step closer to Him in my heart.

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