Great Quote and Life Motto

I was watching Texas Country Reporter and was interested in a story about Senior Olympics. This is a time when senior citizens compete against one another in a track and field competition. The feature was about a man, can’t remember his name, who had never thrown a disc, shot put or javelin, but at the age of 60 felt inspired. He began practicing at his home with some make shift equipment, entered the competition and won. Since then, he is one of the best.

The quote for that show that I had to write down when I heard it was: “Old age only happens when regrets take the place of dreams”

This should be our motto. What are your dreams? Do you still have them? Are you still working for them? Have regrets taken their place? If so, its time to lose the regrets. Its not too late for dreaming. Think about what you still want, then get up out of your chair and go for it! Live life, starting today!

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