inspired by others

Oh my goodness, I haven’t blogged in forever. Its been so long in fact that I forgot my password and had to try at least 4, including open sesame before the page magically appeared. Most of the time I just go through life, but the occasional day comes when i feel inspired to just let it all out. Right now i feel inspired to forget about the ridiculous rule of capitalizing and type as fast as i possibly can. my mind thinks so fast when i write that one thought is completely gone before i can get it down or vaguely remember what i was saying. i am inspired today by another blog i happened upon. wow! how many people do we deal with daily that are hurting deeply and we really have no clue? we really never know what people are feeling do we? and then we come across their blog and it is like a window to the soul and we get a peek of what its like to be them. they are a bit intriguing yes, but perhaps more pitiful really. it is on my heart to reach out to two ladies, completely unrelated, in particular. i’m not quite sure what i am supposed to do, but am finding my thoughts drifting to them often. i just felt the need to say.

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