You rolled down the passenger window and waved at me while I was doing door duty at school. You hugged me when you saw me. You did hip thrusts with me and Susan when we were exercising and it made me laugh. We played hide the thimble. You gave me lice!

April 29…. Granny’s little daily calendar sits on my desk. “Dustin’s birthday” is written in her shaky cursive. I was at the hospital visiting Aunt Bert. You called. I said to tell you Happy Birthday. You said I better keep Granny’s calendar forever. I will.

That was the last time we talked and it was through Susan. I can’t remember the last time we really talked. Maybe it was parent/teacher conference day. You’d given Harley 50 bucks for his birthday. I said I’d be sure to come by on my birthday. We laughed together with your arm around me.

One month ago today it all ended. I wish we had more time to make memories.

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