My guide to self improvement

Sometimes a girl has to just admit when enough is enough. I am all about improving myself. I know I need it. There are a million things I want to do in my life and about a gazillion areas that I can change for the better about myself. I have been on a downward spiral in my self improvement and it is high time to turn the tide (whether it be low or high, I’m not sure). Now that summer is here, I am finding too much time on my hands. And you know how the saying goes “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” and I sure don’t need him around any more than he already is. I’m a bit on edge as well. I really am quite the procrastinator and put-things-off(or). A schedule does me good. I would love to sit home and produce gut wrenching, tear jerking, novels but I know that a tall order of self discipline would be required. So, just to mention a few things that I am doing each day to make me a better human “bean”.

I am almost obsessed with a new form of yoga that I discovered known as kundalini yoga. It is not really a series of poses with long deep breaths that I used to associate with yoga, although there are some. Rather it uses rapid, rhythmic breathing known as the breath of fire to try to unleash our energy that is housed on chakras down our spine. So far I’m buying it, almost addicted to it. I find myself a bit light headed and it gives me almost a high. Love it!

Acai berry……not sure if this is just a huge fad or something worthwhile. I do believe that on this earth, the Good Lord has provided everything we need. I know not all the mysteries and cures of the world have been uncovered yet. And I’m not talking about in a lab. I’m talking about nature made remedies. Now this acai berry is getting a lot of press lately. There are claims it is curing everything under the sun. I pride myself in not following in my mother’s footsteps and being completely gulliable. Acutally I think I tend to hang off the edge of nearly completely untrusting. So after a lot of research, I purchased a freeze dried version of the acai berry and have been consuming it daily. Haven’t noticed any great gains yet, but this is the beginning stages and we’ll see. I’m sure I am not hurting myself any.

There is a room in our house that is a cluttered mess. Actually I am sitting it in now. The desk is completely covered. No, not with pencils and papers and bills….well, some, but with things that don’t belong on a desk like a pillow, a watering can, pumpkin seeds to plant!! CD’s are strung along a cabinet, papers piled high, books piled higher. So each day I am baby stepping along getting this room uncluttered.

Hopefully my summer plans can be carried out…..update later.

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