Not seeing is believing

I think we’re moving. Do you ever just get a feeling? You know the one where you just know something? Last Friday night, a guy approached us about his house that he’s selling. We haven’t really been looking, but we hope to get out somewhere with a little acreage and some facilities for horses andContinue reading “Not seeing is believing”

Can it get any funner than this?

The weather is chilly and I decided that flip flops might not be conducive to 50* weather, so I had to squeeze into actual shoes and socks today for the first time in more than 4 months. My feet did not like the feeling of confinement. My big toes are sore. Well I guess thisContinue reading “Can it get any funner than this?”

1:00 in the morning, my eyes pop open. The polls have opened for my children’s book competition. Yes folks, the day you have all been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived. This does sound like you, doesn’t it?? I jumped out of bed to check and double check to see if I could vote. It looksContinue reading “”

I am who I am. Nobody’s approval needed.

Today has found me home alone as Jason has left town to visit his grandma in Plainview. I have basked in napping, reading, piano playing, spending time with my niece Ash, and eating everything in sight. I love solitude. Sometimes I wonder if there might be something wrong with me because I love being byContinue reading “I am who I am. Nobody’s approval needed.”

Passion for the Pres.

The new school year is underway. Going good so far. Teachers always have a couple of challenges in their classrooms, but a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, so I accept those challenges as what they are: opportunities to make me a better teacher.On Tuesday, President Obama has a speech to deliver to studentsContinue reading “Passion for the Pres.”