The Sky is Falling!

Tomorrow is October and Autumn is descending. You can tell the season is upon us here at our house by the great abundance of acorns that clutter our yard and driveway. Our yard is quite small, but we have 78 oak trees. Maybe I exaggerate, okay then, 77 oak trees.

Beautiful trees.
These mighty oaks produce mighty acorns. And I exaggerate not. Just look at this branch.

Look closer. They actually grow like grapes in clusters. And then, they fall. And if I don’t get them all picked up, they nestle down in the dark earth throughout the winter, and sprout as dumb little saplings in the spring, only to grow up and produce more acorns. It’s a vicious cycle folks. And if I don’t pull them when they are tiny, their roots grow deep and it is nearly impossible to pull out a little oak. Now, all you tree huggers don’t get mad, I am a tree lover too. I’m all for trees. Look at the beautiful foliage.

Now look at the beautiful mess.

Pulling into our drive-way sounds like stampeding elephants on bubblewrap.
I have had so many acorns in the past 4 years living here, that I actually have sold them on Ebay. Yes, you heard me right! There are people who will buy acorns at the affordable price of 99 cents per pound. When you pick up acorns, you have a lot of time to think. It’s a time consuming chore. It’s tedious, boring, back breaking, and monotonous. Not exactly my idea of fun. As I was picking them up one afternoon, I thought to myself there has got to be a way to make a little money here. I mean I have an abundance, surely there is a market for these boogers. So I checked it out. It’s not much of a market, but a small market just the same. With competition I might add. Others try to sell their acorns on ebay too.

This was the pic I took to post on ebay. See how huge they get compared to a quarter? One year, I sold 50 pounds. One lady fed them to a pet flying squirrel. A teacher did a unit of study on Native Americans up in Ohio and the class ground the acorns down to make bread……or something. I’m not sure what drove others to buy them, but I shipped some to New York and all sorts of places. Well sweeping, raking, and bending is a lot of work. So I researched and found a little acorn picker-upper.

Some ingenious person invented this. It is called the Nut Wizard and you can buy it online. It does make my acorn harvesting alot easier. You just roll it around, and it does the work for you.

When it fills up, you empty it.

The nut wizard has always reminded me of this little toy.

Maybe it’s the shape? Maybe it’s the vaccumming motion? Maybe its the little popping sound? Maybe I’m weird? I knew that already.

Auntie Blog Time

I ran across the term “mommy blog” yesterday. I’m assuming it’s for all those peeps who only blog about their kids. So, I’ve coined my own term “auntie blog”. Real original huh? No kids for me, and no I don’t want any, thanks for asking. I have a very selfish streak and am quite the loner. Kids don’t exactly fit into that equation. I get my kid fill everyday at school, and then I have these nieces and nephews that I can latch onto anytime I want sticky fingerprints in the house.
Today is my #1 nephew’s birthday. He turned five today and we had a big five year old bash at McDonald’s.

Happy Birthday Harley!! He ran around so much playing, I could barely get a picture.

I did manage a family portrait of all three of my brother’s ankle biters.

Here you have Harley, the birthday boy, Maxx, the crybaby, and Ashlynn, the big sister……

and a rockstar at blowing straw wrappers at your head.

Here’s the happy father!

Maxx decided to do an impersonation of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. What does he look like to you? Comment me!

But we did finally manage to get a sweet smile from him.

And then for the big finale!! The birthday wish and candle blowing. Yes, I do believe that boy is picking his nose…..

I’ve got followers!

I wish there were more hours in the day. I can’t ever seem to get accomplished what I desire. I love reading blogs, but need several hours to explore them the way I’d like to. I still don’t know what I’m doing with my own blog. Really I don’t even know the purpose of blogging except that it fulfills my writer’s need. I’m in the discovery stage of trying to figure this all out. I’ve found a lot of blogs out there are “mommy blogs”. I’m not a mom, so my future blogs more than likely will cover unimportant topics. I’ve started a list:

  1. My pumpkin patch
  2. Picking blueberries
  3. Bottlefeeding calves
  4. Eating hominy
  5. Never having enough time in the day (oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about now

Lots of food stuff huh? Obviously, I’m a little obsessed with eating!

I’d like more time to blog. I have 2 followers now and I’m so glad to know someone is interested in my random thoughts and ramblings. I hope not to disappoint!

Not seeing is believing

I think we’re moving. Do you ever just get a feeling? You know the one where you just know something? Last Friday night, a guy approached us about his house that he’s selling. We haven’t really been looking, but we hope to get out somewhere with a little acreage and some facilities for horses and cows for Jason, maybe some chickens, goat, and sheep for me. Who knows….but I do want some critters. Well we checked out the house and loved it! It is perfect for us. Well, someone beat us to it and it sold. Nevertheless, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we should list our house anyway. So, I called up my realtor relative a few days later to get our house on the market. That same night, the owner of the house we loved called and said the deal may not go through with the first buyer and we may still have a shot at it. We may know something Monday. We’re just stepping out in big ole faith about this. Worse case scenario: we’ll be homeless.

Can it get any funner than this?

The weather is chilly and I decided that flip flops might not be conducive to 50* weather, so I had to squeeze into actual shoes and socks today for the first time in more than 4 months. My feet did not like the feeling of confinement. My big toes are sore. Well I guess this isn’t entirely true. The more I think about it, I do wear my tenni runners (as my dad calls them) every morning to walk and I occasionally wear my cowboy boots.

I enjoy taking our two dogs out and letting them experience what a dog should. Wide open spaces, wind, and birds or flying bugs or whatever catches their fancy to chase. I don’t enjoy taking them in my car. They don’t ride well. They bounce from the backseat to the front. The big dog is a superstar drooler and puddles of drool are all over the console where he is hanging over from the backseat. The little dog sheds like crazy and it sticks to the car seats. A vaccuum won’t even pick up all the dog hair, but you better believe that my black pants will! So, my darling husband offered to drive us (us being me, the big dog, the littler dog, and my niece) out to the land. This weekend, I envisioned a day of relaxing and resting out on the land that we partly own. It’s an empty pasture land. To most people, it’s ugly and barren, but to me it’s a little slice of paradise.

I suggested he drop us off. Why this hairbrained idea came to me, I’ll never know. “Sure I said, it will be fun, just drop us off, we’ll entertain ourselves.” Being the ever obedient husband that he is, he agreed and dropped us off at the gate. We walked and walked and walked, just to get to the windmill. We crossed great big draws, and had to slide down our butts on a dirt slide. When we arrived at the windmill, we expected clear, flowing water.

Clear water??? Not on your life…..this dirt tank looked like pea soup. And no, I don’t understand the difference between a pond and a dirt tank.

Some cows glare at us, as if to say what are you doing on my pasture??

Ashlynn rolled up her old pant legs and thought about heading in with the dogs, but was turned off by the stinky, muddy gunk that squeezed between her toes and had to be scraped off with a stick.

Ashlynn thought this cow patty looked like an easter egg. It kinda does, doesn’t it?

Until next time……

The Chill of Autumn

The weather took a very sharp turn to super chilly today. The wind picked up to a comfortable 50 mph blasting autumn into our little town. I worked late, and left the school at 7:00. I hate doing that, but if I hadn’t I would be up to my eyebrows in work. As it stands, I’m only up to my nose hairs. As soon as I walked in the house, I shed the funeral clothes I wore today, and donned the ratty, soft sweats. Potato soup. Nothing says comfort like potato soup. I put a little too much salt, but it wasn’t half bad. Now, my belly is full, my toes are warm, and my bed is calling.

Isn’t this beautiful?? This is nothing like fall here in the Texas panhandle……

Ah, yes…..this is more like it.

1:00 in the morning, my eyes pop open. The polls have opened for my children’s book competition. Yes folks, the day you have all been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived. This does sound like you, doesn’t it?? I jumped out of bed to check and double check to see if I could vote. It looks like a successful attempt. (or 2 or 3) I put in all my email addresses. Please spread the word to your blog and all who read it to go to www. and vote for Doggie Went A-Courtin’ by Angel Wheeler. And you (imagine me pointing at you like Uncle Sam here) I NEED YOU! So, do it everyday (on my knees begging here) I will dance at your wedding!!


I sit around dreaming alot. A lay around dreaming alot. I dream of being a published author. I dream of a farmhouse in the country with a wrap around porch. I dream of being a size six. I dream of a slow paced life. I dream of being surrounded by a family that doesn’t get on each other’s nerves (Not sure if that’s possible) I dream of waking before dawn everyday: praying, walking, and writing as the sun rubs the sleep from my eyes. I dream of health and longevity. I dream of a legacy. I fear that I’ll look around and realize that my life has slipped away like sand slipping through my fingers. But for today, I must focus on today. I appreciate my job. I appreciate my husband and family. I appreciate my home. I appreciate the chaos in my head. I appreciate the days I haven’t wasted, hoping for more.

I am who I am. Nobody’s approval needed.

Today has found me home alone as Jason has left town to visit his grandma in Plainview. I have basked in napping, reading, piano playing, spending time with my niece Ash, and eating everything in sight. I love solitude. Sometimes I wonder if there might be something wrong with me because I love being by myself so much. I think it’s a good place to be. We got a new mattress, a sleep number, and I think it is sending me subliminal messages to crawl into it. But after all, it is Labor Day, a perfectly fine day to use as an excuse to do nothing right?

Passion for the Pres.

The new school year is underway. Going good so far. Teachers always have a couple of challenges in their classrooms, but a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, so I accept those challenges as what they are: opportunities to make me a better teacher.
On Tuesday, President Obama has a speech to deliver to students in Pre-K through 12. It is my understanding that he will talk about goal setting, the importance of education, and staying in school. I think President Obama deserves respect, as do all presidents and I think his message to be an important one. How can anyone (parent or not) disagree with the importance of education?
Ironic isn’t it, that some are supporting a “keep your child home from school day” at the expense of hearing the president encourage them to stay in school and get educated. I personally am insulted as an educator and “ouch” I feel my toes being stepped on. I’d like to think that parents trusted me enough to know that as a teacher, my desire is to teach their kids “HOW” to think and not “WHAT” to think. The process of evaluation is one the highest levels of thinking that we can do, and as educators should strive to bring student’s thinking to that level in every lesson we deliver. Shouldn’t children be taught to listen and respect authority, but at the same time, to hear what they say and evaluate the message. To place judgement as to whether to agree or disagree. I wish parents would have this much involvement in their child’s education all the time, not just when someone they didn’t vote for plans to address their child. I am greatly appalled at the reaction some parents are having to this. Fortunately, I haven’t had any parents voice an opposition. I plan on showing it to my students. Afterwards we are going to talk about 2 goals for each of us. A personal goal and an academic goal, and then create posters displaying them. I believe that this is a beneficial task and maybe, just maybe, one of these kids might be president some day!!