Passion for the Pres.

The new school year is underway. Going good so far. Teachers always have a couple of challenges in their classrooms, but a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, so I accept those challenges as what they are: opportunities to make me a better teacher.
On Tuesday, President Obama has a speech to deliver to students in Pre-K through 12. It is my understanding that he will talk about goal setting, the importance of education, and staying in school. I think President Obama deserves respect, as do all presidents and I think his message to be an important one. How can anyone (parent or not) disagree with the importance of education?
Ironic isn’t it, that some are supporting a “keep your child home from school day” at the expense of hearing the president encourage them to stay in school and get educated. I personally am insulted as an educator and “ouch” I feel my toes being stepped on. I’d like to think that parents trusted me enough to know that as a teacher, my desire is to teach their kids “HOW” to think and not “WHAT” to think. The process of evaluation is one the highest levels of thinking that we can do, and as educators should strive to bring student’s thinking to that level in every lesson we deliver. Shouldn’t children be taught to listen and respect authority, but at the same time, to hear what they say and evaluate the message. To place judgement as to whether to agree or disagree. I wish parents would have this much involvement in their child’s education all the time, not just when someone they didn’t vote for plans to address their child. I am greatly appalled at the reaction some parents are having to this. Fortunately, I haven’t had any parents voice an opposition. I plan on showing it to my students. Afterwards we are going to talk about 2 goals for each of us. A personal goal and an academic goal, and then create posters displaying them. I believe that this is a beneficial task and maybe, just maybe, one of these kids might be president some day!!

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  1. angel says: has the speech posted. I still have the same opinion as that it should be viewed.


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