Can it get any funner than this?

The weather is chilly and I decided that flip flops might not be conducive to 50* weather, so I had to squeeze into actual shoes and socks today for the first time in more than 4 months. My feet did not like the feeling of confinement. My big toes are sore. Well I guess this isn’t entirely true. The more I think about it, I do wear my tenni runners (as my dad calls them) every morning to walk and I occasionally wear my cowboy boots.

I enjoy taking our two dogs out and letting them experience what a dog should. Wide open spaces, wind, and birds or flying bugs or whatever catches their fancy to chase. I don’t enjoy taking them in my car. They don’t ride well. They bounce from the backseat to the front. The big dog is a superstar drooler and puddles of drool are all over the console where he is hanging over from the backseat. The little dog sheds like crazy and it sticks to the car seats. A vaccuum won’t even pick up all the dog hair, but you better believe that my black pants will! So, my darling husband offered to drive us (us being me, the big dog, the littler dog, and my niece) out to the land. This weekend, I envisioned a day of relaxing and resting out on the land that we partly own. It’s an empty pasture land. To most people, it’s ugly and barren, but to me it’s a little slice of paradise.

I suggested he drop us off. Why this hairbrained idea came to me, I’ll never know. “Sure I said, it will be fun, just drop us off, we’ll entertain ourselves.” Being the ever obedient husband that he is, he agreed and dropped us off at the gate. We walked and walked and walked, just to get to the windmill. We crossed great big draws, and had to slide down our butts on a dirt slide. When we arrived at the windmill, we expected clear, flowing water.

Clear water??? Not on your life…..this dirt tank looked like pea soup. And no, I don’t understand the difference between a pond and a dirt tank.

Some cows glare at us, as if to say what are you doing on my pasture??

Ashlynn rolled up her old pant legs and thought about heading in with the dogs, but was turned off by the stinky, muddy gunk that squeezed between her toes and had to be scraped off with a stick.

Ashlynn thought this cow patty looked like an easter egg. It kinda does, doesn’t it?

Until next time……


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog….I love you….:)


  2. Angel says:

    Thanks anonymous…..I'm sure I love you back!


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