One of the challenges in education today

I’ve recently learned how to imbed youtube videos in my blog.  I know you’re impressed.  Well get impressed with this! your mind boggled?  My principal found this quote. “The illiterate of today are not those who can’t read and write, but instead those you can’t learn, unlearn, and relearn.”The times, they are a changin’IsContinue reading “One of the challenges in education today”

The spooks are out

We had a vocabulary parade at school today.  Never heard of it huh?  Well in honor of our visiting author (my favorite day)  Debra Frasier,, we had a vocabulary parade.  In Debra Frasier’s book, Miss Allaneous, they have a parade of words where each child dons a costume depicting the meaning of a word.   Our principal isContinue reading “The spooks are out”

Beauty of October

October’s Party George Cooper October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came- The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples, And leaves of every name. The Sunshine spread a carpet, And everything was grand, Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band. The Chestnuts came in yellow, The Oaks in crimson dressed; The lovely Misses MapleContinue reading “Beauty of October”

Auntie Blog: For the love of blue goo

Flarp, flubber, slime, goo, gak, or oobleck.  Whatever you call it, it’s fun stuff (if you’re a kid). Ashlynn spent her Sunday elbow deep in this stuff. This is supposed to be a butt.  I know, I know. Like the taste of oobleck? Blech! Gotta keep her head back or it will run into herContinue reading “Auntie Blog: For the love of blue goo”

Till the cows come home

I don’t think cows are too smart, but what do I know.I have noticed, however, like any animal, when it comes to eating, they pay attention.     Cows do recognize the feed wagon.  I can pull through a pasture in my vehicle, which is not the feed wagon, and they casually look up at me, give me theContinue reading “Till the cows come home”

Sometimes I just can’t say it right

On my birthday, Jason got me this card. It was perfect.   I wrote on the back My favorite card! 2009It’s a little story of us. It reminds me of Anacortes, WA.  It reminds me of a happy life.  One to look back on and have zero regrets.  Remembering good times, and relishing the reward of a well-lived life. DoContinue reading “Sometimes I just can’t say it right”

I remember when…..

Today is October 17.  It’s Saturday.  I’ve had my walk, I’ve said my prayers, I’ve started my chores.  I sat at the desk and turned the calendar that belonged to Grannie Silcott for today and found that I had written she died five years ago today.  And then emotion overcame me.  This is one of my prized possessions. Continue reading “I remember when…..”

Believe me when I tell you…..

There’s a few things that I can do fairly well. I can cook a decent steak (except tonight when I burned them), I can get ready in under 30 minutes if the need arises: shower, make-up, hair, the whole kit and caboodle (that’s pretty good for a woman); and I’ve been known to win at thumb wrestling a time or two.  AndContinue reading “Believe me when I tell you…..”