Sometimes I just can’t say it right

On my birthday, Jason got me this card.

It was perfect.  

I wrote on the back My favorite card! 2009
It’s a little story of us.

It reminds me of Anacortes, WA. 
It reminds me of a happy life.  One to look back on and have zero regrets.  Remembering good times, and relishing the reward of a well-lived life.

Do you know how much I love pie?  Maybe I love this card because of this blueberry pie line.  What if it had said lemon cake?  Would I still be as fond?  Doubtful.

Maybe I’m drawn to the quintessential picket fence in the picture.  I’ve always wanted a picket fence around my house.  But I’d settle for a split rail fence, whatever.  I even want to hop on the bike with its banana seat and ride down that cobblestone path.
It’s obviously Autumn in this card.  The best season of all.  The trees dress in glorious color. The smell of the ocean drifting on a light wind.
No hurry.  No rush. 
I hate the pace of life.  I know hate is a strong word, but it just sums it up for me.  I run in 5th gear 90% of the time.  I’d prefer second or even third.
Relaxing in the comfort of a lifetime of companionship. 
And I’m sure the couple in the car (without gray hair even though it’s years and years from now) love talking to one another, never fight over the radio, never get lost, or aren’t prone to fits of road rage.  Sure.

This card makes me smile.
Monday was Jason’s birthday.  I stood in the aisle studying the greeting cards.  Which direction should I go this year?





Then my eye caught the one.  The perfect card.  It tells of my hopes.  And dreams, my desire for a slower pace.  And my love of pie.  Yep, I got him the same card. 
It just says it all for me.


  1. leon says:

    shoot, now I like this one the best 🙂


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