Till the cows come home

I don’t think cows are too smart, but what do I know.
I have noticed, however, like any animal, when it comes to eating, they pay attention.    
Cows do recognize the feed wagon.  I can pull through a pasture in my vehicle, which is not the feed wagon, and they casually look up at me, give me the once over, and get back to eating.  When Jason rumbles in there, their ears perk up and they start a’comin.

 Jason is a good cowboy. He makes sure they get fed. He makes sure they’re all accounted for. He checks for runny noses and other ailments.  He has a siren on his truck.  They can hear him if they’re too far away and can’t see him. When they hear the siren sound, they come a’trottin.  Now, if he’s being very impatient, he’ll drop a load or two of cake (that’s cow food for you dudes out there). When they hear the door to the cake feeder slam, they come a’runnin.  Most don’t dawdle when it’s supper time. 
They get there and wait for their groceries. 
Some stare at you.
Feed me now!!
Some beller at you.
Today he was south of town feeding some steers.  He rumbled through the gate and spotted them.  He blew his siren, they took notice, and came a comin’.  And right there, right in the smack dab middle of the herd,  mingling amongst all the steers, were two goats! 

Red goats!!! 
Red goats with little nub horns!!!!
They must’ve been cows in their former lives because they got in the cake line and helped themselves.  Most of the bovines ignored them and went about their business eating. But a few calves did not appreciate these welfare cases.  They head butted over cake.  Not sure where these univited guests journeyed from.  I asked Jason to get me a picture if he can.  Until then, here is a very tame cow eating a piece of cake from Jason’s hand.

This is a cake line.  Jason has to drive past, count, and eyeball them before they finish eating and scatter.
Yes, this is where your hamburger comes from.  Enjoy!


  1. leon says:

    Great story Angel. I love your stuff.


  2. Angel says:

    thanks for reading Leon!


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