Auntie Blog Time: Ashlynn, incognito through the years…..

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Halloweens of the past.  Ashlynn loves to get dressed up.  I’m not sure when she started liking it, because her first year, she was not too pleasant.

This may have been her first Halloween, and she cried all night. 
Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home…..
Here we were all geared up for a fall festival.
I guess we’ve missed a few years in pictures.  I know she was a black witch one year and Cinderella another.

MEOW!  She almost won a costume contest for this one because she was into the character so well, growling and hissing at the judges.

Last year she was Cleopatra.  Gorgeous huh?
And this year, drum roll please……

Her daddy teased her about being fruit of the loom. 
I don’t know when we’re going to outgrow this, it’s just too much fun.

This is what we call “making a haul!”  You know who’s going to eat all this don’t you?  Yep, yours truly.

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  1. jolea says:

    love that girl…


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