Frustration? Yes!

I sit on a yellow, exercise ball at my computer desk.  I thought that was what they were for.  God forbid I exercise with it.  It has lost quite a bit of air lately and so my chin is practically resting on the desk now, and my arms are nearly above my head trying to type.  So, I got a barstool.  I tried that, but my knees are hitting the edge of the desk and I have to rest on my elbows to see the screen.  Because Jason is out wrangling bulls or something, I needed to take charge of this situation.  Being the oh-so-capable-of-anything woman that I am, I went to the garage to find a tool to wedge out the little white plastic doo hickey that holds the air in my exercise ball.  I settled on a screwdriver.  I searched for the air pump for 15 minutes and finally found it under the couch.  I dusted off the cobwebs and I proceeded to air up my exercise ball with a hand pump.  My right arm got a muscle cramp, I switched arms, my left arm got a muscle cramp, (didn’t know I was ambidextrous did ya?) I stopped to mop the sweat from my brow and gasp for breath while air slowly seeped back out of the ball.  I repeated this process seventeen times.  Eventually I gave up, and plugged the ball back up, and am sitting on a nearly deflated yellow exercise ball with my chin resting on my desk while I type this.   I was going to write a blog  much more interesting than this, but after this whole ordeal, I’ve completely forgot what I had in mind and if I remembered, I don’t have the energy to care.  I think I’ll go get drunk now.

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