Ree? Ree?

Last weekend I was at the World Finals Ranch Rodeo Competition in Amarillo, TX with my husband and some great friends.  As the teams were being announced and riding in with their state flags flying, I heard the announcer say something about Pawhuska Oklahoma.  My ears perked up.  I jabbed Jason in the ribs with my elbow.  “That’s where The Pioneer Woman is from!  I wonder if it’s her ranch?”  We looked in the program and sure enough it was the Drummond Ranch.  That’s her last name!  Heart beating increasingly faster and faster, I started scanning the audience, looking for a woman with hair the color of Lucille Ball  and a big camera.  I HAVE to meet her! 

This would work out perfect. I’ll meet her, get a picture, get my cookbook signed, all without having to drive to OKC and wait in a line for 2 1/2 hours.  Maybe I can even have a conversation with her.

Have you heard of The Pioneer Woman?  She is my new obsession.  A couple months back, the principal at my school recommended I check out her blog, because she said she kind of reminds her of me, but then after telling me all about her, she realized we’re actually nothing alike, except our husbands both ranch.  I checked out her page and instantly gravitated to her.
The Pioneer Woman has a section for photography, cooking, homeschooling, and general confessions.  I was originally drawn to her ranching stories.  This month, her cookbook came out and is currently on the NYT Bestseller.  I already have my copy, thank you very much.  I bought it the exact same day.  She’ll be in OKC on December 15th.  Maybe I’ll be there.

Meanwhile, back at the Rodeo…….  So, I’m sitting there, fully alert, watching this team from Oklahoma.  I have some pretty honed stalking skills from an ex-boyfriend I used to follow (we’ll save that story for another time) so when the crowd cheers after team penning, I instantly spot the section with the loudest hollerers.  I almost went to the pickup to get the binoculars to really have a look-see. 

My loving husband, whose only desire is to satisfy my every whim, decided I am squinting way too much and he’ll just go up to the group of cheering fans and ask if Ree is there.  Ree!!  Like we’re on a first name basis or something.  As he approaches a couple of women, I hang back, looking at a display of saddles, pretending I don’t know him.  Well she wasn’t there.  The lady said they were cousins from the other side of the ranch, but recommended I befriend her on facebook.

Right now, I have Pioneer Woman’s Braised Short Ribs in the Oven.  They are smelling divine.  Because I plan ahead so well, we’ll be eating supper at 2:00 a.m., but I’m sure it will be delicious and we’ll be famished.  I’m trying out that polenta stuff too, which I have no idea what that is, but I’m sure PW won’t let me down.

I’m telling you, she is saving my marriage.  I cooked Grilled Ribeye with Blue Cheese Sauce the other day, and it was to die for.  Jason didn’t sleep on the couch that night.

I’ve emailed her twice.  She hasn’t responded.  I’ve tried to befriend her on facebook.  She hasn’t responded.  It’s obvious she doesn’t know I’m her #1 fan.  When she reads this, because I’m sure she will, she’ll have visions from Stephen King’s Misery, Kathy Bates, and hacked off limbs. 

Not to worry, I hate blood and guts.


  1. Jolea says:

    I LOL'd at this one….I'll help ya stalk Ree Ree…..<3


  2. I love her too, Angel. Her story of meeting her husband was great. I hope you get to meet her in OKC!\-=p


  3. Judy DiSalvo says:

    You told this in a totally humorous way! I really enjoyed reading it.


  4. Angel says:

    Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by.


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