The Joy of Pets

I have these two dogs.

A couple of maniacs, they are.

Between the two of them, I think they share one brain.

They live outside and that’s good.

But lately we’ve had a cold snap, and that’s putting it lightly.

Our current conditions are 18*F + 30 mph winds = 1* wind chill. 

A great blue northern has settled on these golden plains, dusting a fine white frosting on the grasses, blowing anything that isn’t tied down, and turning the most good-natured among us into down-right grouches.

So, the maniacs get to come inside for the night.

It’s a simple case of cause and effect. 
The temp goes down  —–>  the dogs come in ——–>  my blood pressure goes up.

They run.
They roll.
They sniff.
They fart.
They slobber.
They wrestle.
They fart.
They dribble.
They lick
They chew.
They fart.

And finally……..

they lay down……

and they fart.

And fart.

And fart.

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