Enjoy Every Moment

Yesterday, Friday the 18th,  I broke something very dear to me.  I almost cried really.  It was a beautiful handheld mirror given to me by some very dear souls, one of which has passed on, for high school graduation.  I have used it to check the back of my hair or apply mascara almost every day for the past 16 years, until I dropped it in the toilet and shattered it. 
To top it off, I really hate having to put my hand in the toilet to fish something out, I really do.  To top that off…..

Seven years bad luck. 
And then I thought, Seriously Angel, get a grip.  You know that is all bull hockey.

And I do.

I think.

I really think Friday the 13th is bogus.  I’m not a bit afraid of that day.   I’ve successfully survived too many for it to concern me any longer.  Then there is the black cat crossing the path thingie.  I’m always tempted to turn around.  It always crosses my mind to change course.  I always look for a speck of white on its tail or ear.  But I normally continue on my path.  Unless I’m feeling unusually skittish that day.

Do I really believe that all superstitions are bull hockey?

Then why do I throw a pinch of salt over my left shoulder when I spill it? Or never  walk under a ladder?  Did I inherit this from my dad who is a superstitious guy, or my Grannie Silcott?  She said it was bad luck to change a calendar before it was time, or open an umbrella in the house, my brother won’t eat cherry pie on a drilling rig, and I’ll only pick up a penny if it’s on heads.  I heard one time of someone who, if found on tails, would turn a penny over to heads so someone else could have good luck.  That’s nice.  I doubt it works, but it is a nice gesture.

I guess I’m more superstitious than I thought.  But mostly I’m upset about the mirror, the sentimentality of it all.  That some things are irreplaceable.  That people are irreplaceable.  That time is so valuable and yet we squandor it. 

My dad sent me a forwarded email with a note that he thought I’d like the last line.  It read “Enjoy every moment of every day.”
And so is my prayer for you.
Treasure the moments.
Cherish the people. 
Forget about the possessions. 
Take time to tell others they mean the world to you. 

To you:  You Mean The World To Me.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry, I know how much you loved that mirror. I coveted it for many years….


  2. Anonymous says:

    My heart breaks because you broke that mirror. I remember it well and I am sooooo sorry. You're right about that supersticion about 7 years bad luck. Not that it's true, of course, but it hits me in the face like ice water when I break a mirror….which I haven't done in years. I try always to be careful with mirrors because of THAT supersticion! But, you are wrong about the penny. ALWAYS pick a penny up…..because it says In God We Trust. Pause for a moment and say a prayer. Ask for anything….good health, wealth and prosperty or healing for someone you love….maybe even for yourself….then pick it up. A pennys' just a penny, whether it's heads or tails…..But it says IN GOD WE TRUST! And however would we live if it weren't for GOD in our life's????


  3. Anonymous says:

    your dad is not superstitious, he's just careful. all though he does all the same things you do to avoid any kind of bad luck.


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