Santa, his reindeer,a couple of friends & a hummingbird

I have a crafty niece. 
She’s a little artist.
This is her and three of her paintings last year.

  And here she is with her paintings this past May.
Some people have nicknamed her Hummingbird.  If you’ve ever met her, you understand why.  She’s a flitter.  Flitting here, flitting there, flitting everywhere.
She doesn’t sit still in school. She doesn’t sit still in church. But give her a paintbrush or other creative medium and she will sit still for at least an hour.
She spent Saturday creating with clay.
Here are some of her creations. 
Santa, Rudolph, Frog, Toucan
They are tiny really, but loaded with detail.  A little disproportionate to each other; as a reindeer should be bigger than a frog and a toucan, but it’s all good.
I just love Rudolph.
He reminds me of the dog on How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
Remember when the Grinch puts the antlers on the dog, and they’re too heavy, so he face plants with his butt in the air.
This reindeer needs his antlers sawed off a little too.
But the reason I love Rudolph the best, is because of one sweet little detail. See that little smidgon of white under his tail? 
It gives me hope.  My little niece does pay attention.  Maybe not to fractions, and maybe not to sermons, but when she sees the white tail deer running and leaping over fences, their tails are up, white flags waving back and forth.
And so it is with Rudolph.

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  1. Leon Briggs says:

    She's good, creative. I strive to paint like a child. Picasso said all children are artists until they grow up (or something like that).


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