Is Manhood Declining?

I am absolutely loving the new Docker’s Campaign, Wear the Pants.  Click on over to Docker’s to read this “man-ifesto” to get an idea of all this.

And to think they’re catching a little flak from all this.  People are saying this ad is sexist.  Good grief.  I love America, but sometimes I just don’t get it.  Mostly these allegations are coming from women, naturally.  Like these comments:

If people think children are misbehaving and cities are crumbling all because of our “genderless” society, they are sorely mistaken. Sure, we’d love to see men “man up,” but and if they think that great changes will occur when guys put on khakis, well, fine then, try them on and let’s see what happens. As for men being the ones to “wear the pants,” well, we’re sorry to break it to you, but ladies have been wearing pants, voting, working, running homes, and sipping lattes for a long time now. And we like it.

Here’s more:
“The intent of the campaign is to put forth a new definition of masculinity, one that embraces strength and sensitivity and appeals to men who can change a tire AND a diaper,” says Jennifer Sey, Global VP of Marketing for Dockers. “We’re not trying to shame men. We want to make them laugh at themselves and at the state of manhood. And, at the same time, encourage them to dress up, man-up and embody today’s new definition of masculinity.”

Here’s a slideshow I found called “An Emasculating Manhood”

Here’s another link if you’d like to read this person’s opinion.

Docker’s is just trying to sell khakis. Personally, I wish men would step up and be the men of yesteryear.  I’m interested in your opinion.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hey there- the companion film to your slideshare you posted is up! The film is called An Emasculating Truth. Check it out at anemasculatingtruth.comCheers.


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