Verizon: We Have a Problem

I discovered this in the bathroom trash can.  Before you judge, let me state this disclaimer.  I’m not a full fledged dumpster diver, yet.  I do know a couple people who are, who may or may not be related to me.  I don’t usually make a habit of digging in the trash, especially the bathroom, but it caught my eye.  Lying there amid the used toilet paper rolls and wads of hair that I pull out of the drain daily, was an innocently folded piece of paper.  A note perhaps?

But after a little more investigating, it becomes evident what this is.
This is not just a note. 
This is a poor kid’s cell phone.
This is not your ordinary cell phone, this is a flip/slider phone. A new design in the cell phone industry.
What are they teaching kids these days in school?????
Questions to ponder:
1.  When is she going to learn to spell you?
2.  Who exactly is kaydin?
3.  Where do you plug this thing in?
WARNING:  A kid who has begged for a cell phone, and been denied because she really has no business with one, might resort to this!
Reminds me of a great story I read once, where a homeschooled teenager wanted a pair of thong panties.  Her mother refused to buy them for her, therefore she was forced to use her creativity and resourcefulness and knitted herself a pair!
Problem solvers!  I just love ’em.

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