My Pond

One summer my niece and I went on a pond tour hosted by the local lawn and garden club.  The Pond Tour consists of people who are gifted in all things aquatic and horticultural (Warning:  Big Word Day) to open their back yards, front yards, rock gardens, and water gardens up to the public to tour.  Hence the name:  Pond Tour. Continue reading “My Pond”

"Posme Newborns"

We’ve had a harsh winter storm crash into our little town.So you know what that means.  (Other than school getting cancelled, Yippee!!)  It means the outside dogs who are never allowed in the house because they drive me crazy, are now in the house with me.As I was giving them their potty break earlier, I was reminded of aContinue reading “"Posme Newborns"”

Friday Night Frolic

Sometimes, not real often, Jason and I act fancy.  We dress up.He loves that.  I don’t. We go out.He loves that.I don’t. This past weekend we got all spiffied up and went to the big city to eat expensive food.  He had elk, the couple with us had halibut and ribeye steak.  But I chose the lamb chops.  Continue reading “Friday Night Frolic”

Can you hear the angels singing?

Today.  It has arrived.Hallelujah sings my soul.It is January 21st.Which means it is the final day of my 21 day Daniel fast.21 days of only drinking water.21 days of no meat or sugar or bread or milk or cheese or coffee for crying out loud.21 days of oil and vinegar and alfalfa sprouts with moreContinue reading “Can you hear the angels singing?”

RTVA—Reality Television Anonymous

Hello. My name is Angel.And I’m a reality TV addict. I’m in recovery now.  I haven’t watched a reality TV show for three seasons.  And it’s hard.  It’s real hard.  Especially when my friends on facebook talk about the American Idol theme song giving them chills and the girl from Tennessee, and the one who rode the Aeroplane.  It’sContinue reading “RTVA—Reality Television Anonymous”