My Protest

I have a fear.

It’s a legitimate fear.

It’s not the kind that keeps me up at night, but it’s real all the same.

I’m afraid books are going to go away.

In our time of ever advancing technology, is it possible that in my lifetime, there will no longer be books? I shudder.

On my red, rubbermaid tub of a nightstand is a basket full of books that I’m currently reading, want to read, or have started and abandoned.  Here’s a sampling:

1.  French Women Don’t Get Fat—Mireille Guiliano (a diet book)
2.  Bird by Bird—Anne Lamone (a writing book)
3.  Breaking Free—Beth Moore (a spiritual book)
4.  Best Friends—Martha Moody (a bestselling book)
5.  The Beck Diet Solution—Judith S. Beck (a diet book)
6.  Eat, Pray, Love—-Elizabeth Gilbert (a spiritual book)
7.  A Cup of Comfort for Writers—various authors (a writing book)

There’s kind of a pattern there.  Eating and writing—two fun things in my life.  Spirituality—a necessity for me.

I’ve had a couple friends tell me I should get an Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble reader called The Nook.  But I don’t want to.  Because I’m an old fashioned girl that’s why.  And once upon a time I swore I’d never wear capri pants either, and they’re all that’s in my spring/summer wardrobe now.  And while we’re on the subject of fashion, I don’t want to tuck my jeans in my boots. I think it’s a fad. That’s what I thought about capris too, and now five years later I’m still wearing them.  I hope you other ladies are too, or I suddenly feel really foolish and out of date.  Quick!  Sign me up for What Not To Wear.

I hope Kindles and Nooks are fads too.   I’m afraid they’re not.

I adore books. 
I like turning pages of books.
I appreciate the cracking sound of a brand new hardback book when it’s first opened.
I savor the smell of a new book.
I relish sitting in my classroom with second graders at my feet and a book in my hand showing the pictures and talking about stories.
I enjoy the sound of Bible pages turning.  Someone, perhaps Beth Moore, once said it’s probably the same sound as the angel’s wings.

The thought of not having those simple pleasures saddens me.

{somebody please hand me a tissue}

To think that everyone will just be pushing buttons on electronic devices in church someday.  Can you picture that?

It’s just wrong. 

Maybe I’ll start a crusade.

Maybe I’ll protest.

I’ve secretly always wanted to be a hippie.

Buy more books,

P.S.  I found these delicious cookies I blogged about here at World Market.  Buy yourself some and let me know if they make you dream of your grandmother.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You know that I, Beth Casas, teacher by profession/librarian at heart, agrees 100% with everything you have written here today!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    angel, books may become obselete, but, not in our lifetime. kno what you mean about the automatic readers, tho, if you can't afford a real book, get in touch w/me. i run the gamut from horseshit to romance, adventures to religion. i really do read more then james earl burke. dad


  3. jolea says:

    The Kindle's not so bad….I don't think it will ever replace the bible…hmmm


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