My niece called me.  She left the sweetest, most precious voicemail.

Before you hear more, I must tell you this.

“Mama” in the message works in bail bonds.  They were at the jail to bail someone out. Thankfully, not a member of the family…….this time.

My niece had been prostrate weeping and wailing for hours because her friend Pearla couldn’t come over after she had been planning it for a whole entire week.  She was devastated.

And lastly, Jesus is her homeboy.

Click on the play arrow below.  You must.  It’ll make you smile, I hope.

Authors Note:  It took me 17 hours, 904 online tutorials, and ten of my own dollars to learn how to post this to my blog.  I have yanked every hair from my head and am now forever changed, not to mention bald.  So it had better make you smile.

If for some highly likely reason, this audio clip does not work, here’s a transcription.

Me and my mama went to the jail, and I found a ten dollar bill laying on the floor and I think it’s because I was crying because of Pearla, and I think God felt sorry for me, so he laid that ten dollar bill right on the floor for me.  Anyway, thanks for listening.  Bye.


  1. Anonymous says:

    nothing bigger then the faith of little children, and you're right it is a very sweet message.


  2. yes it made me smile..the first second and third time. I'm actually still smiling while I type this and thinking to myself….I'll listen to that one more time. thanks for listening, bye.


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