Is that cat afterbirth? Subtitle: So you call this photography?

Here are a few of my favorite things. Piano.  I’m trying. The color yellow. Tulips. And Yellow Tulips. Especially when my husband brings them to me for absolutely no reason at all. Chocolate milk.  Yellow polka dots. And learning to take  pictures. Emphasis on learning.

This Is What I Get For Bragging

“He who toots his own horn, the same shall not be tooted.”That’s what my Grannie used to say.Translation:  Quit Bragging. Recently I blogged about my tough fish.  If you didn’t read it, you can read about it here.  I blogged about how they survived a freezing cold spell.  About how they were strong genetic creatures. Continue reading “This Is What I Get For Bragging”

My Niece Zoie……..

We have a love/hate relationship. I think she’s a brat, in the loving way an aunt should. She thinks I’m a hag.My sister thinks it’s because we’re both Pisces, and more alike than I care to admit.Truthfully, she is a brat and I’m a hag, and we’re both just real perceptive. Her feelings wouldn’t beContinue reading “My Niece Zoie……..”

The Story of How Me and Jason Became Happily Ever After

I’ve known my husband since I was eleven years old and he was twelve.  My family ran onto some hard times and had to move to the po’ side o’ town.  That’s where Jason lived too.  He was sweet on my sister for a while, and would bring her roses he’d stolen from somebody’s flowerbed.  I stayed insideContinue reading “The Story of How Me and Jason Became Happily Ever After”

A Bad Man Once or Twice

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends. Recently, my life has been getting in the way of my blogging.  I have overloaded my plate once again, and if I have one more commitment added, I think I’ll internally combust.  Right now I am supposed to be running seven miles, training for a half marathon that I so foolishlyContinue reading “A Bad Man Once or Twice”

Wordless Wednesday (Nevermind)

I tried to post a Wordless Wednesday blog.I’ve noticed some bloggers do it.  They don’t say anything, just post a picture.I tried, I really did.I posted the picture, but I couldn’t stand not to say something.  Anything. I don’t think I’m much of a talker.  I attribute that to my mom, who is one.  IContinue reading “Wordless Wednesday (Nevermind)”

Turning the page on January

 I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I’ve had a four day weekend, thanks to this snowstorm, which resulted in a four pound weight gain, thanks to this sweet tooth.  A pound a day, but who’s counting.   I’ve stayed cooped up to the point of stir craziness.  You know the movie Hope Floats?  You know theContinue reading “Turning the page on January”