My Niece Zoie……..

We have a love/hate relationship.
I think she’s a brat, in the loving way an aunt should.
She thinks I’m a hag.
My sister thinks it’s because we’re both Pisces, and more alike than I care to admit.
Truthfully, she is a brat and I’m a hag, and we’re both just real perceptive.

Her feelings wouldn’t be hurt if I dropped dead tomorrow.

See how she’s staring me down? She knows I’m unarmed in this fight. She knows she’s got control of an endless water supply. She’s evil. My only defense is to scream, “I’ve got a camera. I’ve got a camera.”

Today I’m giving her a Happy Birthday shoutout. She is an amazingly awesome, undeniably goofy, eight year old drama queen.  Rotten to the core and more stubborn than any mule you’ve ever seen.

I got to name her.
Zoie Eden.
Her name might be in lights someday.


Can you picture it?

Go ahead and check her out.


Happy Birthday Zo Belle.  I hope you have the best birthday an eight year old could ever dream of having. 
And I love your little old stinky butt!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    shhh, don't feel alone, i remembered her birthday, just to lazy to get to the store and get her a card. of course jo's going to say i forgot it, but, what the hey, i'm old.enjoy your bloging, keep it up.


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