A Conversation

I have a second grade classroom full of second grade students.  They are just plain groovy.  I like to mingle amongst them some, get to know them, talk with them, listen to them.  They’ll share their lives, their secrets, their fears, not to mention everything their parents’ want them to keep quiet. 
They aren’t all equipped with a filter at this age, and thoughts just come out of their mouths in brutal honesty.  I have one particular little girl who shared a story with me today. This is how it went.

Precious second grader (PSG):  I was bawling up last night because I got afraid I wouldn’t ever have a husband. 

Yes this is pretty odd for a seven year old to say.

Me:  Oh, honey.  You don’t need to worry about that.   You have a long time until you need to think about that kind of stuff.

PSG:  My mom said not to think about it and my dad said I don’t need a husband because he’s everything I’ll ever need.  And I said ‘No, you’re too old!’

We were having a good laugh right about this time, and my curiosity was extremely high.

Me:  Sugar pie, what were you doing that made you start thinking about having a husband?

PSG:  Oh, I was watching this kissing movie with my mom and dad.

Me:  EWW, I hate kissing.

PSG:  Do you let your husband kiss you?

Me:  Well……sometimes.  I…..might let him kiss me on the forehead.

PSG:   (mouth dropping and gasping) You don’t know anything about love!!

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