Softball and other life matters

A few days back my niece Ashlynn tried out for softball.  It’s an effort to redeem the family name from when I played.  From the year I played.From the year I attempted to play.   You see, I should have been a ballerina.  But my sister was an all-star softball player.  Not to mention a klutz at ballet.  SoContinue reading “Softball and other life matters”

No wonder Jason wants to be a Cowboy

I picked up this book from an elementary school library a couple years ago.  They were cleaning out some titles.  It’s old and they were getting rid of it due to it’s copyright date…..1977.  It’s like any other ABC book you can find….. I adore this jackrabbit. Skinny sucker, aint he?  He’s scattered all throughContinue reading “No wonder Jason wants to be a Cowboy”

Yo! Happy B-day Steve-O

My brother Steve…….. ……..loves the camera, …….eats icecream on a plate, ……….has patience o’plenty when it comes to his kids, …..except maybe not right this second, ……..loathes removing fish hooks, but does it anyway, ………should think twice before doing this kind of stuff at his  age, ……..or this kind of stuff, …….and wears out easily! Sleep tight BirthdayContinue reading “Yo! Happy B-day Steve-O”

There’s Green Stuff in My Fridge, Trust Me

My Spring Break To-Do List: 1.  play piano2.  read3.  catch up on DVR4.  nap5.  surf the Internet6.  blog7.  nap So far, so good.  I am cruising along enjoying the art of absolute nothingness.  Treating Tuesday like it’s Saturday.  Basking in my alone-ness. Nooooooo problems at all. Until I get hungry. And Jason isn’t here to feedContinue reading “There’s Green Stuff in My Fridge, Trust Me”

Rain + Dirt = One Ill-Tempered Cowboy

Today is the official first start day of my Spring Break.  The weather is crazy! To borrow a line from a facebook friend:  It’s like snowballs from heaven. It began raining about 3:00 a.m.  I know that because I was awake.  I was awake because I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t sleep because I can’t walk. Continue reading “Rain + Dirt = One Ill-Tempered Cowboy”

My Birthday Blog and Desserts to the 7th power

I woke up to this. Ate two pieces. Had lunch with friends. A cupcake for dessert. Yellow daffodils to brighten my day. Had this at my mom’s with homemade ice cream and chocolate syrup.  Three candles on one side, five on the other.  It’s not eight. Think hard.    Ate this for supper, prepared by my chefContinue reading “My Birthday Blog and Desserts to the 7th power”