Just a Smattering

Jason and I made a pizza.  This was a first for me.  We didn’t make our own crust however, we cheated and bought a pre made one.  We used a recipe by The Pioneer Woman found in her cookbook.  It is called Leek and Potato Pizza.  It sounds atrocious I know. 

This pizza recipe calls for potatoes, leeks, bacon, mozarella, parmesean, and goat cheese.  Potatoes on a pizza?   That was my first thought.  There aren’t any tomatoes or tomato based product found on this pizza anywhere.

It was delish!

And cheesy!


I’m still training for a half marathon and hating myself for committing to this.  It is very challenging, time consuming, and not to mention hard on my body.  I ran 8 miles last weekend.  Tomorrow I have to run nine.  After this is over, I vow to never run again.   One of my friends who is not a runner said,
“If you see me running, call 9-1-1 because someone is after me.”  That will be my new mindset after April twenty whatever-it-is.   I can see how people can love running, but the whole not-being-able-to-walk-afterwards is a big turn off for me.  I’m not an extremist.  Running this many miles at one time is a bit too extreme for me.  I’d rather run 2-3 several times a week. 
I told Jason next year when I want to sign up for this again, there’s only one thing I want him to do.  Talk me out of it!


Today is beautiful.  March has come in like a lamb I think.  The birds are chirping in the oak trees outside my window.  The wind is light and the sun is out and I am going to go dirty up my fingernails in the flowerbeds.  It’s cathartic.  My tulips have popped their little green heads out of the dark earth.  I’m going to grow an herb garden this year.  My husband is so much into cooking these days, I think I’ll add to his hobby and grow fresh thyme, rosemary, sage, and perhaps some marijuana. 
Just seeing if you’re paying attention.


Last weekend we went down to Abilene, TX to see a group play called The Hot Club of Cowtown.  They are some talented musicians let me tell you.  Go ahead and have a listen.  It just might make you tap a toe.  They hail from NYC and play this type of music.  Come on, open your minds and have a listen.
We stayed with Jason’s dad, who thinks that anyone who doesn’t know who Gene Autry is should be hanged before the masses, or at least kicked out of Texas.  I had to google him when I got home.  I thought he was from Gunsmoke.  Jason gave them my blog address, so now I run the risk of him reading this and finding out I’m not worthy to be called a Texan. Oh well, that will give him plenty of time to have the gallows built for the next time I’m down there. 

Scarlett O’Hara….now, if you don’t know who she is, you oughta be shot.  It’s just my opinion.  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.  And what does that expression mean anyway?  What are these folks stroking exactly?  Makes me wonder.

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