The Heifer

I’m anxiously awaiting a heifer to calve.

I’ve called Jason several times to ask him if there is any progress.  I want to be there so badly. 

Heifers are young cows, first time mommas.  Sometimes they run into trouble, so Jason has to babysit them.  There’s certain signs a learned cowhand can look for to know when they’re getting close to calving.  A winking vulva, for one.   When these signs appear, Jason pens the heifer so she’ll be handy in case he has to help pull the calf. 
I got the opportunity to see this once and it was awesome, the most exciting thing ever!  And I have also witnessed a gruesome birth where the calf was stuck in the birth canal.  The calf was too big for the momma cow and died.  It was not so pleasant.  Utterly devastating actually.  But that is the way nature operates.
We went out the other night to check on the little momma.  The stars were just beginning to appear.
Here’s the expectant mother. 
Isn’t she great?  I especially love her hair, the way it appears that she used a rat tail comb on it.  We interrupted her supper so Jason could could check her parts.
Go ahead and hang your head Maybelle, it’s humiliating I know.
This night was not her night.
Neither was the next.
Tonight, we’ll do it again.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



  1. I've witnessed three births. My kids. I'm not sure I could take a fourth. But this was interesting. Nice post! And nice pics.


  2. Angel says:

    Thanks for posting! The hussy STILL hasn't calved.


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