An Ode of Un-Joy to the Dog Next Door

You stupid little mutt,I want to kick your butt. Your barking is incessant,my mood is most unpleasant. Twenty-four/seven you bark,from sun-up to sun-dark. And when I lay down to nap,Sleep is eluded ’cause you yap. If I could have one wish,It’d be your voicebox in a dish. A shock collar around your neck,might be my best bet. Sugar is good and honey is sweet,I pray you’ll go play in the street. PerhapsContinue reading “An Ode of Un-Joy to the Dog Next Door”

Run, Auntie, Run

13.1: miles in a 1/2 marathon 4.5: days until the race (race!  Ha!) 298: times each day I look in the mirror and cuss myself out for signing up 5:  number of months we’ve been training 6:  pounds I’ve gained while running 7:  pounds really 1:  day I’ve trained when the temperature was above 40 degrees 112: Continue reading “Run, Auntie, Run”

Sunflower seeds anyone?

I have a nasty habit.It’s not as bad as picking scabs, slurping, or letting the dog lick my face after he just licked his boy parts however.But some (my husband for one) may consider it pretty gross. It’s sunflower seeds.  I love them.  I have a spit cup from The Rambling Road Trip Vacation Bible School I taught one year.  IContinue reading “Sunflower seeds anyone?”

Just call me Lizzie for short

The Texas Panhandle = Wind. Crazy kind of wind. Wind that makes you kind of crazy. The kind of winds that you really can’t even fathom if you haven’t ever visited here in the Spring.  Or the Winter.  Or the Summer.  Or the Fall. It blows all year long.  Except when you want it to.Continue reading “Just call me Lizzie for short”