Because kids like to make you feel young. (not)

I get a lot of love letters from my students.  Mostly my girls.  I have one precocious child who asked me earlier in the year how long I’d been teaching.  To this, I replied 10 years.She created a doting card for me. One line read:“Those ten years really paid off.  It seems like you’ve beenContinue reading “Because kids like to make you feel young. (not)”

Let’s Go To Luckenbach, TX—-I bet you didn’t know this #2 (zwei in German)

Today I’m continuing educating the world about the fascination and awesomeness of Lukenbach, TX. When I stepped onto the porch of the general store, the first thing I noticed was all the names that people have written all over the building.  Leaving their mark I guess.  Which is really frowned upon.  There’s a sign that saysContinue reading “Let’s Go To Luckenbach, TX—-I bet you didn’t know this #2 (zwei in German)”

Let’s Go To Luckenbach, I Bet You Didn’t Know This #1 (eins in German)

Luckenbach, Texas. I’ve found my home.I’ve caught the Luckenbach bug and I bought the T-shirt to prove it. There’s not much there in this sleepy little town, except a general store/former post office/beer joint, and a dance hall. I spent a half a day there last week.  I tried writing about it, but there is soContinue reading “Let’s Go To Luckenbach, I Bet You Didn’t Know This #1 (eins in German)”

I’m Saving My Money For A Rooster

Jason and I have just rolled in from a pre-weekend, pre-anniversary celebration, pre-summer vacation, mini-vacation to Fredericksburg, TX. We experienced a slap-yo-momma fun time!  As soon as we figure out how people actually afford to live there, we are packing our bags, bidding our farewells to this flatland and becoming permanent residents to the hill country.  MyContinue reading “I’m Saving My Money For A Rooster”

Festivities Abound

Happy Day After Mother’s Day.I went to church and was fed breakfast by men.Don’t let anyone tell you that childbirth is necessary to relish the perks of Mother’s Day. I’ve discovered that Mother’s Day is an awkward day.  It’s a day that people tend to feel sorry for me because I’m childless. I sense pity vibes all around. Continue reading “Festivities Abound”

Bearing much Fruit (unless we’re talking about pumpkins)

I’m definitely not an expert on trees.  All I really know is that I have a lot of them.  Messy ones at that.  Oak trees that love to shed tons of leaves and acorns.  Acorns of which I don’t pick up and sprout into more oak trees under a moist mound of dying leaves ofContinue reading “Bearing much Fruit (unless we’re talking about pumpkins)”

My Journey of a Half Marathon Began with One Step

About one week ago, I completed a feat that made me feel like I can do anything.    My first (and last) half marathon!  I’m still recovering. My fingers are just now regaining strength to type about it.  It was an awesome experience, but not one that I’ll repeat.  People have asked me if it was fun. Continue reading “My Journey of a Half Marathon Began with One Step”