Because kids like to make you feel young. (not)

I get a lot of love letters from my students.  Mostly my girls. 

I have one precocious child who asked me earlier in the year how long I’d been teaching.  To this, I replied 10 years.
She created a doting card for me.

One line read:
“Those ten years really paid off.  It seems like you’ve been teaching 100 years!”

I’m going to take this as a compliment, whether it was intended as one or not!

Ohm, Karma, and a Monkey

On Monday night we had storms.  I didn’t know that because I was sawing logs with my sleep number set on 45, dreaming of a strange child named Ohm who was up for auction because he broke out in bruised lumps on his body whenever he made a sound. 

Uh, yeah.
I probably should lay off the late night snacks. 

The next morning, I stumbled out of bed to check Facebook and heard from my town friends that there were tornadoes in 57 surrounding counties and it was frightening.  To everyone except me.  Instead I was being haunted by Ohm, and was taking his picture and blogging about him to try to find him a good home.  I was hoping you would take him in.  You would wouldn’t you? 

Tornadoes in real life. 
Weird boys who flap their hands in dreamland.

Anyway, I was just so thoroughly impressed with myself and my sleeping abilities.  Because obviously, I’ve got to work with what I have.  So impressed, in fact, that I bragged about it on facebook. 

You remember what my grannie always said, “She who tooteth her own horn, the same shall not be tooted.” 

Needless to say, I awoke this morning at 2:20 with a brain synonymous to a monkey on Red Bull and acid. I tried praying, I tried stretching, I tried reading, I tried deep breathing.  If Jason had been in the bed, I’d’ve tried that too.  I was desperate. 
Nothing would settle the monkey.

So I finally gave up at 4:00, had coffee and started my day.  Now I’m tired.
The last time I bragged, my goldfish died.

You know what they say about her don’t cha?

Lesson learned this time.

The monkey is finally sleeping.

Let’s Go To Luckenbach, TX—-I bet you didn’t know this #2 (zwei in German)

Today I’m continuing educating the world about the fascination and awesomeness of Lukenbach, TX.

When I stepped onto the porch of the general store, the first thing I noticed was all the names that people have written all over the building.  Leaving their mark I guess.  Which is really frowned upon.  There’s a sign that says the store is like a antique rocking chair, sit awhile and relax but please don’t write on it. 

The store is filled with this and that.  On the right side is a counter to buy souvenirs and on the left is actual merchandise from the general store:  and ladies rotting corset, a jar of rotting olives, old tins of medicine and asundry of other things. 

The general store also used to be a post office, but it closed down in the 1970’s.

Straight back behind the general store is the beer joint that is still in operation.  It also is laden with all sorts of diversity.  Dozens of caps hang from the rafters, stickers line the benches, badges line the windows.

Sayings hang around reminding people to be responsible drunks.

If you need credit, you don’t need a beer, you need a job.

If you’re drinking to forget, please pay in advance.

Please don’t make us make don’t signs.

 And a white line is painted across the floor.

Fun tidbit #2— (zwei)

The Luckenbach General Store was originally a post office with a bar behind it.  But when the post office was in operation, you couldn’t cross the white line into the post office with a beer in your hand.

Let’s Go To Luckenbach, I Bet You Didn’t Know This #1 (eins in German)

Luckenbach, Texas.
I’ve found my home.
I’ve caught the Luckenbach bug and I bought the T-shirt to prove it.

There’s not much there in this sleepy little town, except a general store/former post office/beer joint, and a dance hall.

I spent a half a day there last week. 
I tried writing about it, but there is so much I want to share with you, I couldn’t get my little thoughts to come out and lay down straight enough for anyone to make sense out of.  So I decided instead to give you a fun fact, tidbit, or story about Luckenbach each day until you get so tired of listening to me, you’ll either stop reading or send me a one way ticket to where “Everybody’s Somebody”.

 Probably the former.

Tidbit #1—-

On August 23, 2009, Luckenbach broke the Guiness World Record for the number of musicians singing and playing the same song at the same time during “Pickin’ for the Record”.  The song of course was “Luckenbach, TX” made famous by Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson with 1,868 guitar players participating.   The Guiness record was previously held by a group of 1,802 Germans who came together to play “Smoke on the Water”. 

Participants were given a t-shirt and a number.  There were bricks on the patio that some people bought for $50 engraved with their name and number to commemorate the event.

Here’s a portion of it.  Please watch.

Man, is that cool or what?

I’d’ve loved to have been there.

The Carriage House

The past few days we relaxed in Fredericksburg in this little cottage on the corner.

I miss it.

 It sits next to this spacious, yellow home with a porch that I dream of having some day.

There are a few things from the past that I wish were of the present.  Porches fall in that category.`  I sat on the porch in a white wicker rocker and was transported to a time where lemonade on the porch and a visit with friends were meaningful occurances.  And there goes Miss Scarlett walking past carrying her parasol and Mr. Rhett in his frock coat tips his hat as they pass.

Besides 8 1/2 hours of sleep each night, this cottage is all I need in life. 

A bed and a couple of chairs,

A kitchen,
a bathroom,
and a closet.

It even had a hot tub. 

I really miss it.

This little lizard was there too.

And I didn’t mind him one bit.

It was quaint, cozy, private.
And the neighbors dog didn’t bark either.

I’m Saving My Money For A Rooster

Jason and I have just rolled in from a pre-weekend, pre-anniversary celebration, pre-summer vacation, mini-vacation to Fredericksburg, TX. We experienced a slap-yo-momma fun time!  As soon as we figure out how people actually afford to live there, we are packing our bags, bidding our farewells to this flatland and becoming permanent residents to the hill country.  My dilemma that I’m faced with now is whether I’m retiring to Fredericksburg, Tx or Anacortes, Washington.

Back in March, I started whining because spring break was coming and people were buzzing about great trips they were taking: to Vegas, the mountains, etc, etc.  and here I sat, so I booked us a couple of nights during the coolness of May and Jason’s “slow time” to visit this tourist attraction of a town.

Top 10 Reasons Why This Trip Was Perfect:
Reason #10—
 We did not see one, not one, I mean none, zero, zilch mosquitoes after we passed Aspermont, Tx.  It is unbelievable I know, I’m still pinching myself.

Reason #9—
We stayed in a fabulous little guesthouse.  Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!  It is all I need in life.

Reason #8—
Roosters!!  I don’t care what anybody says, I want one, don’t need it, but want it.

Reason #7—
The wind doesn’t blow 70 mph consistently.

Reason #6—
We loved using our fancy new GPS system.

Reason #5—
We ate at a bug infested roadside park for the first time in our married life on the way home, but had more laughs at that moment than we did all weekend.

Reason #4—
I discovered my life’s motto—— “Seize Tomorrow”

Reason #3—
I missed Field Day at my school, which involved races, water events, snow cones, sunburns, bug bites, sweaty armpits, and hyper, crazy, sugar induced children.  And if by chance my principal is reading, I’m wiping a tear right now.

Reason #2—
I went to LUCKENBACH, TX!!!!! Willie and Waylon stood me up, but the boys were there.  I’ve gotta write a separate post about this.

And the number one Reason This Trip Was Perfect…..

#1—It gave me something to blog about! 
And at least 3 more to come!!

Good night.