I’m Saving My Money For A Rooster

Jason and I have just rolled in from a pre-weekend, pre-anniversary celebration, pre-summer vacation, mini-vacation to Fredericksburg, TX. We experienced a slap-yo-momma fun time!  As soon as we figure out how people actually afford to live there, we are packing our bags, bidding our farewells to this flatland and becoming permanent residents to the hill country.  My dilemma that I’m faced with now is whether I’m retiring to Fredericksburg, Tx or Anacortes, Washington.

Back in March, I started whining because spring break was coming and people were buzzing about great trips they were taking: to Vegas, the mountains, etc, etc.  and here I sat, so I booked us a couple of nights during the coolness of May and Jason’s “slow time” to visit this tourist attraction of a town.

Top 10 Reasons Why This Trip Was Perfect:
Reason #10—
 We did not see one, not one, I mean none, zero, zilch mosquitoes after we passed Aspermont, Tx.  It is unbelievable I know, I’m still pinching myself.

Reason #9—
We stayed in a fabulous little guesthouse.  Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!  It is all I need in life.

Reason #8—
Roosters!!  I don’t care what anybody says, I want one, don’t need it, but want it.

Reason #7—
The wind doesn’t blow 70 mph consistently.

Reason #6—
We loved using our fancy new GPS system.

Reason #5—
We ate at a bug infested roadside park for the first time in our married life on the way home, but had more laughs at that moment than we did all weekend.

Reason #4—
I discovered my life’s motto—— “Seize Tomorrow”

Reason #3—
I missed Field Day at my school, which involved races, water events, snow cones, sunburns, bug bites, sweaty armpits, and hyper, crazy, sugar induced children.  And if by chance my principal is reading, I’m wiping a tear right now.

Reason #2—
I went to LUCKENBACH, TX!!!!! Willie and Waylon stood me up, but the boys were there.  I’ve gotta write a separate post about this.

And the number one Reason This Trip Was Perfect…..

#1—It gave me something to blog about! 
And at least 3 more to come!!

Good night.


  1. Sounds fun! Happy Anniversary to you! 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow…I actually AM reading this, and I detect just a tiny smidge of sarcasm! I love the little town where everybody is somebody. In fact, you would probably be just RIVETED to know that I have a recording on my phone from the last guitar player/singer I heard there one HOT day last summer. If you're nice, I'll share. It'll take you right back there in your mind.


  3. Angel says:

    Thanks Jules.Beverly, I am always nice. Sometimes.


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