Let’s Go To Luckenbach, TX—-I bet you didn’t know this #2 (zwei in German)

Today I’m continuing educating the world about the fascination and awesomeness of Lukenbach, TX.

When I stepped onto the porch of the general store, the first thing I noticed was all the names that people have written all over the building.  Leaving their mark I guess.  Which is really frowned upon.  There’s a sign that says the store is like a antique rocking chair, sit awhile and relax but please don’t write on it. 

The store is filled with this and that.  On the right side is a counter to buy souvenirs and on the left is actual merchandise from the general store:  and ladies rotting corset, a jar of rotting olives, old tins of medicine and asundry of other things. 

The general store also used to be a post office, but it closed down in the 1970’s.

Straight back behind the general store is the beer joint that is still in operation.  It also is laden with all sorts of diversity.  Dozens of caps hang from the rafters, stickers line the benches, badges line the windows.

Sayings hang around reminding people to be responsible drunks.

If you need credit, you don’t need a beer, you need a job.

If you’re drinking to forget, please pay in advance.

Please don’t make us make don’t signs.

 And a white line is painted across the floor.

Fun tidbit #2— (zwei)

The Luckenbach General Store was originally a post office with a bar behind it.  But when the post office was in operation, you couldn’t cross the white line into the post office with a beer in your hand.

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