One Step in My Journey of Servant-hood.

I’ve been reading The Purpose Driven Life.  It is designed to be read in 40 days.  I think I’ve been reading it for 5 1/2 years.  I stashed it on the shelf when I didn’t want to read what it had to say.  Didn’t want to listen to truths I knew I needed to hear.  Then I grew some:  spiritually, emotionally, and don’t forget quite a bit physically, (which has nothing to do with this, just had to point that out) and decided to pick it up again.  Maybe I didn’t decide, maybe Someone else decided for me, but nevertheless, I pulled it off the shelf.  I had a bookmark in it, so I just started where I stopped.

This morning I read Day 34, and boy howdy did it ever speak to this un-servant of the Lord.  The section I’m reading now is about how we have been given unique qualities and that we are to use who we are and what we are made of to serve others.  Our lives shouldn’t be stingy and selfish and only concerned with #1, rather should be used for fellow human “beans” out there. 

Day 34 is entitled Thinking Like A Servant.  My pencil underlined lots of thoughts in this chapter, practically the entire pages. 

Some thoughts that screamed at me from the pages of this book:

  • True humility is not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less.

  • Servants don’t compare, criticize, or compete with other servants or ministries.  They’re too busy doing the work God has given them.

What’s my work God?  Or like Forrest Gump said, “What’s my destiny Mama?”  Sometimes I feel like a mouse in a maze looking for the cheese, not knowing which way to turn. 

  • Real servants don’t complain of unfairness, don’t have pity-parties, and don’t resent those not serving.  They just trust God and keep serving.

It is difficult for me to look around and see people whom I perceive aren’t working as hard as I perceive myself to be.  Wowzers!  I need to just trust God and do what I need to do.

  • It’s not our job to evaluate the Master’s other servants.

(Hanging head in shame)

  • Servants willingly accept jobs that insecure people would consider beneath them.

  • Only secure people can serve.  Insecure people are always worrying about how they appear to others.  They fear exposure of their weaknesses and hide beneath layers of protective pride and pretensions.

I worry too much about what others think.  When the only one’s approval I need is Jesus.

  • Servants enjoy helping people, meeting needs, and doing ministry.  They “serve the Lord with gladness”  Why do they serve with gladness?  Because they love the Lord, they’re grateful for his grace, they know serving is the hightest use of life, and they know God has promised a reward.

I admit I’m not a servant, and I’m conscious that I should be one.  I use excuses for my lack of service.   I think I’m too much of an introvert, not really a people person, don’t have the talents, or need “me” time.  When I truly look inside myself, I realize that it really all boils down to stinginess and selfishness with my time.  I want to do what I want to do, not what others need me to do.   Let me tell you, it’s not easy for me to admit these things.  But in order to get better, I must deal with it.  I’m going to work on this.  I pray that God will show me needs that I can help meet with others and will remove my selfish ways. 

Be blessed,

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