It’s Almost Like a Hallmark Card, Almost.

My firecracker of a mama turns sixty some-odd years old today!  Sixty-seven to be precise.

She’s still as beautiful as when she was 16. 
I’d prove it to you if I could, but she covers her face whenever she sees a camera pointing in her direction. 
What can I say about my mom? 
She loves dessert.
She hates her picture being taken.
Her toenails are red, always.
Her lips are pink, always.
Her family is the most important thing in her life.
She has made sacrifices and done without so that we could have what we thought we needed at the time.
She will only use blue ink.
She taught me never to go to the grocery store without make-up on because I never know who I’m going to run into.
She talks alot.  I mean ALOT.
She loves to sleep.
She hates rice, it reminds her of maggots.
She uses her cruise control in town.
She’s a wee bit gullible, just a wee bit.
She’s loud.
She sits at Christmas with only 2 or 3 presents, but finds joy in watching her children and grandchildren open 200 or  300 each.

She’s extremely generous, but doesn’t let anyone push her around.

She loves pink.
She hates brown.
She speaks her mind.
She works in bail bonds.
She keeps her lipstick in her bra.  It’s shocking the first time she pulls it out in church, but after 3 decades I’ve become immune.

So in honor of her birthday, I wrote her a little song. 
Because like Loretta Lynn, I’m a dadgum songwriter. 
This is my public songwriting debut, but I had to steal the melody, because unlike Loretta Lynn, I really don’t have an ounce of talent. 

So everyone sing along to the tune of Jolene by Dolly Parton!

Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie
We celebrate you on your special day.
Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie
Like Burger King, today, you can have it your way.
With toenails red and lips of pink,
I wouldn’t ever want you to think,
that I don’t love you mom, because I do.
So I wrote this little song to show,
how great you are and I hope you know,
the love you’ve shown to me means everything.

Your beauty’s seen by everyone,
with a heart of gold and a flapping tongue.
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
(I stole that line directly from the song…it fit nicely.)
Your kids are placed as number one,
A pedestal you’ve kept us on,
even when your praise we don’t deserve.
You did without so we can have,
the things we thought would make us glad,
But things don’t really matter, we know that now.
You love all people, jailbirds too.
They’d be locked up if it weren’t for you.
The benefit of the doubt you give to all.
Your happiness is passed around,
from here to there all through the town,
wherever you go, your love goes with you too.
You are unique, you’re one of a kind.
You aren’t afraid to speak your mind,
You’re sunshine on a rainy day, Mama.
Enjoy your cake and ice cream too,
and know that the thoughts of you,
are thoughts of love and adoration too.
Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie
We celebrate you on your special day.
Annie, Annie, Annie, Annie
Like Burger King, today, you can have it your way.


  1. Jolea says:

    Love it, I know she will too. What a wonderful tribute….Love you, Mom!


  2. Anonymous says:

    loved the song, no, there is no one like annie! we love her.


  3. Perfect, Perfect, and Perfect!!!! Ahh the lipstick in her bra, it will mortify a teenager the first time! :)I love your mom!~Amy


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