A grandmother’s love

My niece Ashlynn went away for church camp for a week filled with fun, games, and God. 
After returning she told me some stories, one of which she said she won a cookie in chapel because she was dancing the most.  She said, “I am known for my moves.”  So I asked her to show me some of them.  I must agree that she is known for her moves, kinda like Elaine on Seinfeld is known for hers.
Her camp counselor captured a picture of the group walking, and in Ashlynn’s case dancing.
This camp trip was the first time she has ever left my mother (whom she lives with) for an extended period of time with anyone besides family.

I’m not real sure my mom, her Grand, missed her at all.  I couldn’t tell by the facebook posts she wrote on her wall each day
 “I can’t wait to see your precious face.” 
 “I miss you sooooooooooooo much” 
 “I’m counting the hours until you come home”

Then the moment arrived.  Grand was the first one to arrive at the church to meet the bus.  The bus pulled into the parking lot with loud music blaring and children singing and shouting.
And Grand was on the move.


 Faunching at the bit to get her hands on her little girl
But there was singing and praying and last minute talking taking place on the bus.
Finally after seventeen or eighteen agonizing seconds, the doors swung open.
And out climbed our little camper. 
Eagerly waiting to run into the arms of her dear Grand whom she hadn’t seen in a week.
But wait……
…..not yet
……what’s this?
She needs to get in the church
She has to go pee.
In a bad way.
But then after the important matters have been taken care of, into her Grand’s arms she falls.
Home at last.
Home at last.
Thank God Almighty she is home at last.


  1. The Elaine of Christian camp? I have a 12 yr old son for her- perfect pair : )And I adore listening to to my mom & sons- even if she is WAY lenient w/them compared to my siblings and me.ps- BF visitor


  2. Angel says:

    Jersey diva mom, thanks for stopping by. Yes she is the Elaine, but oh so fun. I love how she doesn't care what others think. She's aninspiration to me in that regard.


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