Dear Friends,

You’ll never guess what I’ve finally got my hands on.

I’ve been wanting one of these.

I’m going to hang it in my house.

Yes, I do believe I heard a barely audible shriek from my sister all the way in New York City. 

 To attain this gem, all I had to say was “I’d like a cow skull to hang up.  With horns.”

And waaa-laaa.

J-Dub found one right in the pasture for me. 

He even got a free rope out of the deal and everything.

Fortunately the coyotes have already eaten off all the flesh. 

And the worms and bugs have cleaned up all the skin and hair.

So now I won’t have to dirty up my stew pot boiling it up.

I’ve got the perfect place for it right on the dining room wall.

Don’t forget I’m available for decorating assistance if you’re going for the edgy cow town/chic trailer trash look for your place as well. 

And we hope to see you out to supper real soon.


J-Dub and Auntie


  1. Lara says:

    I have one in my living room so we have the same designing skills. 🙂


  2. Angel says:

    Wonderful Lara! I can’t wait to introduce you to my flamingoes.


  3. linda webster says:

    i had one in the front yard in the forks of a tree, it was you uncle arts!


  4. Mama says:

    You should have Uncle Leon paint it for you! He painted one for me once……..and it was beautiful! You probably don’t want beautiful, though!


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