The Old and Curmudgeonly SOAP #1

Okay guys, I recently joined up on an online Bible Study group via Facebook.  There are some awesome godly ladies in this group and I’m excited about being a part of it.  I have already been blessed and looking forward to future blessings.  Part of the accountability of the Bible Study involves posting a SOAP.  InsteadContinue reading “The Old and Curmudgeonly SOAP #1”

Got No Power Windows

Let me tell you about my yesterday. We had to do some work on the chicken coop, so I needed my new, old truck to help haul some old wood for me.  We tore down one side of the chicken coop that was just crappy old particle board hammered together. We’re replacing it with some rustic lookingContinue reading “Got No Power Windows”

A Special Lady

Today, in just a few short hours, my family will be celebrating my grandmother’s 93rd birthday over in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  I couldn’t  be there, but wanted to send her some happy birthday wishes. {sending happy birthday wishes now} Isn’t she beautiful?   Her name is Mattie Dimple Calico.  If that isn’t the best name in the world,Continue reading “A Special Lady”

Before and After #2

We’ve been diligently working away on our little trailer house on the prairie.   Several months ago, I showed you our first before and after, and now, several months later,  I have another.  It’s a slow process. Although the place we bought and are working on is a D-U-M-P, it does have some good qualities. Like the wonderfulContinue reading “Before and After #2”

A Chicken Story

I live in my own little world, and it’s safe here.  But occasionally something will happen that rocks my little world, and I’m reminded of the ugliness on this third rock from the sun. We have some friends who recently bought some chickens.  They didn’t order baby chicks through the mail, but instead went to a nearbyContinue reading “A Chicken Story”

Sugar….bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, ah, Honey, Honey

I’ve discovered something that I want to share. It has to do with the Bible. And honey. “If you find honey, eat just enough–too much of it, and you will vomit”. Proverbs 25:16 NIV This happened to me once, and it almost happened again last night.  I love honey, but eat just one teaspoonful tooContinue reading “Sugar….bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, ah, Honey, Honey”

Pioneer Woman and my Uncle Leon-syllable counting sonsaguns

As part of my daily blog reading, I hopped over and read the Pioneer Woman’s website.   A couple of days back, she wrote a few haikus about the man who makes her hiney tingle.  Immediately, she reminded me of my Uncle Leon.  Not because they both live in Oklahoma, or not because they’re both old hippies, butContinue reading “Pioneer Woman and my Uncle Leon-syllable counting sonsaguns”

My 47 Things

Do you ever feel like you’re surrounded by junk, and clutter, and crap?   Have you ever considered cutting back on the “things” that fill your home and your life? Recently I visited a blog link that my cousin sent me called, where this guy lives with very little and travels around the world making money fromContinue reading “My 47 Things”

Cattle Prattle

My  husband thinks after 6 years of marriage, I should know all things cow related.  Here’s our conversation today (in a nutshell).  Me:  I think I’ll get a mule. Him:  Why? Me:  Why not? (pause) Him:  I rode a mule once, it was a good sonab**** Me:  Isn’t a mule a cross between a horse andContinue reading “Cattle Prattle”