A Post of Questions

I have a special friend who comments on my blog almost daily.  Her name is Lara and the other day I thanked her for commenting.  She mentioned if she had a blog she would want comments.  And I want comments too!!

 I love, love, love, love, love it when you respond to my jibberish.  If you’re still reading my daily nonsense, I’d want to hear from you and get to know you a little better.  So today, I’ve thrown out some questions for you.  You can choose to answer one or all of them in the comment section,  respond to someone else’s comments NICELY, or just say hi!  Let’s make it fun.



We live in a household without TV. Granted we still have a TV and a satellite dish, but we have turned it off.  I had a serious addiction to reality TV that you can read about here, and had to say enough is enough. Enough!  And then my husband said it too.   

What’s your favorite TV show?  Would you accept my challenge to go one day with no TV in your home?  Do you think it would work.  Report back to me!


Today at school we observed a National Moment of Silence at 10:00 for those involved in the Arizona shooting.  Of course the majority of my second graders didn’t understand what we were doing.  I got several “what in the world is going on” looks and a couple of blurted out What Happened’s? 

Is it awful of me to say that I don’t even know really?  I knew there was a shooting only because I read a headline about a congresswoman who had been shot on Yahoo while checking my mail.    But I didn’t stop to read it.   One of my co-workers referred to the shooting as a terrorist attack by an American on other Americans. 

I just don’t understand our hate sometimes.  What are your thoughts?


Because I can’t keep quiet about my chickens and must, I mean MUST, tell everyone I encounter, I have discovered that all people over the age of 55 have a chicken story, and they love to tell them.  As soon as they hear that I’m getting chickens, they immediately go to their “C” file cabinet in their mind and pull out their chicken stories.  This weekend I’ve heard stories of going to the depot to pick up chicks by mail order.  I’ve heard tales of boys lighting firecrackers, letting the chickens pluck them in their beaks and then blowing their beaks off.  I’ve heard of a woman who was afraid of chickens and called her husband at work  to tell him with alarm that the rooster was in the henhouse and she didn’t know what to do.  She was on a party line.  I’m too young to know what that is, but evidently more than two people could talk on a phone line at a time.  A man (not her husband) on the party line piped into her conversation with this advice, “Leave him alone, stupid.”   And I’ve heard all sorts of pecking stories. 

Do you have a chicken story?


 Today I was a bit insulted when someone informed me that I am a “city girl” playing “country girl.”  HMPH!!! 

At least they had the gall to say it to my face.

What makes a “country girl” a “country girl”?  Should I have been insulted by this comment? How would you have responded?


My definition of defeating the purpose:  Exercising for 20 minutes and then eating two packages of rolos.  My husband bought me a case of rolos for Christmas.  I’m proud to say there are still some left.  Maybe one. 

What’s your favorite candy?


Hey Grandpa, What’s for supper?  Do you remember that on Hee Haw? 

Nothing here.  You know why?  Because I don’t remember to lay out any meat to thaw.  Never.  I live in the moment.  It is so hard for me to think about inconsequential things like supper at 7:30 in the morning.  And I don’t like thawing meat in a microwave, it gets all dark brown around the edges.  It’s unappealing. 

 How do you plan your suppers?


Okay, it’s your turn now.  

Signed Curious in Cow Country


  1. leon says:

    I move tomorrow’s supper from freezer to the fridge before I go to bed each night. (baked chicken, pork chops or fish mostly) Sometimes like tonight I do something special, tonight was lobster. Other times I might make roast beef and noodles, or if I want something quick, tuna and noodles and mushroom soup, yummo! That’s usually supper when I forget to leave something out to thaw.


  2. Angel says:

    Hi Leon!!!! I never think that far ahead.


  3. dad says:

    no tv, huh? guess my new home’ll be the ranch house motel.


    1. Angel says:

      The roach house motel you mean? So I guess you’re not up to the challenge huh?


  4. Mandy Clark says:

    My favorite t.v. show is Hoarders. It makes me feel better about my own house…lol. Yes, I could live without t.v., but my better half couldn’t.
    No, it is not awful to not really know about the Arizona shootings. There is so much hate in the world—I think we choose to ignore it or at least hope it will go away.
    No chicken story here, but I did ask one of your students if she knew about your chickens and she did. 🙂
    A country girl has love for all things country….country music, land out in the country, cowboys, animals, etc. I think you are a “country girl” and yes, you should have been insulted. I personally would not have responded because I don’t like confrontation.
    My favorite candy is Snickers.
    I don’t plan supper at my house. If I cooked, we would all starve to death! I can bake, but I cannot cook. Weird…I know. Jason is the cook at our house PTL! I clean 🙂


    1. Angel says:

      Hey Mandy!! Aren’t you the overachiever answering all the questions!? Sounds like we have a lot in common….bad cook, good baker, non confrontational, and able to say good-bye to TV. I’ve only watched Hoarders once, and I think I got off easy, because it wasn’t bad at all……to me anyway 🙂 Oh, but I don’t clean.
      I’d like to know who that student was. Tell me her initials, okay?


      1. Mandy Clark says:

        Her initials are MN


  5. Brandi says:

    I will take your TV challenge, but I want to see if I can go a week. Have any good books I can borrow?
    I also like Reality TV.
    There is no doubt in my mind that you are a country girl! I think to people who live in REAL cities would think we are all country girls. Sorry you were offended, but I would have been too.
    As far as preparing for dinner, it’s never been a problem for me. I think about foos all the time. I have planned dinner with friends while we are eating lunch!
    Love Ya!


    1. Angel says:

      Hey Brandi, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! Yes, I’ve got many good books to read. Right now I’m reading a memoir from a lady who was raped and it’s her story….it’s terrible, not the book ,just the subject. I miss having lunch with you!!


  6. Deborah Davis says:

    Well, first of all, I’m not over 55, but I do have a chicken story, AND I do know what a party line is! I actually remember being on a party line when I was a kid!

    I used to have chickens…a LOT of chickens. I’m not real sure how many I started off with, because I guess they were passed down to me from my older brother. Every spring, my dad would go to the feed store and buy 50 more chicks, regardless of how many were still remaining from the previous year! So there were years that we had just barely over 50, and there were years I remember feeling like we had hundreds!!! I gathered and washed eggs every night for most of my childhood and sold the eggs to people in and around town for $1 a dozen. I have to admit that it wasn’t a bad little profit for a kid in the 80s, but I have promised that I will never make my children have chickens…I do hope you enjoy yours though 🙂


  7. Angel says:

    Hey Deborah!! Wow!! That’s a lot of chickens! I think that’s great that you had a little income as a child. But I hope your girls want chickens someday, and I hope I enjoy mine too!!! Thanks for the comments!


  8. Jolea says:

    I think I could easily live without TV, my challenge would definitely the the computer or my cell phone…and no, I’m not ready to take those steps…:)

    I don’t know if I’d consider you a country girl…yet. I think you’ll get there and you’re definitely more country than me. yuck, yuck, and double yuck. Oh and tell me who said that so I can kick their butt…;)

    As for dinner the only time I really do well is when I plan a week in advance, actually a month is better. I make a calendar at the beginning of the month and put it on my fridge, then every week I go shopping for what I need. I pull it out that day, but since I don’t work it’s not always in the morning.

    Almond Joy or Snickers with Almonds.


    1. Angel says:

      Hi Jolea!!! I don’t consider myself a country girl either, but I don’t think I’m “playing” either. oh, I love an Almond Joy too!!!


  9. Jay says:

    OK Teacher, maybe if you could do a true/false or a mutliple choice I could take this test. Not much on the essay questions though. Keep up the good work!!!


    1. Angel says:

      Sorry Jay, I’ll keep that in mind for next time!!


  10. Lara says:


    I love The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser. I have watched less tv since Wyatt was born. He loves Mickey Mouse. I have gone a day without watching it. I usually just have it on for noise.

    I don’t understand the hate either. I think it is hard for us to comprehend it because it is not within us.

    Of course I have a chicken story. 🙂 My ex boyfriend and I were visiting her sister and she has quite a few chickens. Our jack russell liked them too. 🙂 She ended the life of one and every year at Christmas for about 3 years, she had a chicken die on Christmas.

    I would have been mad if someone said that about me. 🙂 A person can be what they want to be. I like the idea of being both. I would love to live in the country with chickens and cows, but I also like living close to Target. 🙂

    I love Reeses PB Cups.

    I feed Wyatt and that is my only concern in the evening. That little boy loves grilled cheese sandwiches so we have those alot. I am too tired after working all day and commuting 1 hour each way.


  11. Angel says:

    Lara, I’ve been waiting on you 🙂 I never really got into the amazing race, but I have loved the biggest loser. And grilled cheese? Wyatt knows what’s good!! I had no idea you had to commute an hour each way. Bless your heart.


    1. Lara says:

      We love grilled cheese and sweet potato fries.
      Yes, I hate the commute. I want to move so badly.


  12. linda webster says:

    yes, i can live without tv, i did for several yrs until i moved in with grannie, i do have a chicken story….my chickens were free range, so they would lay out everywhere imaginable, one day i was driving arts old truck into town and just as i rounded the bend on webster rd, a chicken came flying out from the back of the seat, the drivers side, i was driving, it came flying out of there bocking and squaking, scared me to my wits end, i just kept on driving….thats just one of many chicken stories. i guess what makes a country girl is her love for the simple things in life, pretty green pastures, with cows, chickens roaming around in you yard, gathering the eggs, taking those country walks down thru the field, laying down right in the middle of a bunch of wild flowers. i could go on and on, town is too noisey for me. fav candy……zero!


  13. Angel says:

    Love that story Aunt Linda!! I wish you still lived on Webster Ranch. I loved that little place.


  14. Kevin says:

    You may not be strictly a country girl, but I don’t see how anyone who grew up in Pampa, Texas can be called a city anything. And anyway, what does it matter? Translation of what that person was saying: “Being positive and encouraging doesn’t come naturally to me, so I’m gonna try to be funny, even if it’s a little negative. And I’m more comfortable when people fit into the stereotypes in my head.” Of course, that’s my translation without knowing this person or being there when the comment was made. But I’m willing to bet that’s the gist of it.

    I spent way too much time on that comment. I don’t pay for TV service, only internet, even though there are two TVs in the house. Netflix is my lover. And I do watch a few TV shows online. Quite a few, actually. On one end, I absolutely love psychological shows like Criminal Minds and Lie to Me. But I also like funny and less intelligent like Modern Family and Glee. And a whole range in between. Incidentally, I can’t stand most reality TV. As much as I tend to care about people, the paradox is that people can generally irritate the living tar out of me. Especially on reality TV. When did it become popular to showcase really dumb people in really ludicrous situations?

    I usually don’t have this much to say. What did you put in my drink? I don’t have a chicken story.

    As I get older, I crave candy less. But sometimes I do still get cravings for sweets, particularly chocolate.

    I think about preparing food when I get hungry. This usually results in something microwaved. Sometimes my brother will grill me some burgers, and that makes me happy.


    1. Angel says:

      Oh Kevin, you made me laugh!!! Thanks!


  15. Beverly says:

    First, I love your blog….but I’m behind on reading it. Maybe too much TV?
    1. Actually, one year for Christmas..when my children were little I asked for the TV to be turned off for two weeks. I loved it. I can promise to do this.

    2. I think we get numb to national tragedy. I think there is too much hateful talk on TV…and too much anger. But I’m all for civil discourse.

    3. No chicken story.

    4. Country is a state of mind….I claim it too, even though I don’t really live in the country. Should you be insulted? Nah. Remember, more offense is taken than is given. Always assume no offense was meant and your days will go better.

    5. Reeses. Hands down.
    6. David cooks. always. But he PLANS for it, which amazes me. I used to cook, but I don’t remember planning for it the way he does. It’s his passion. So I’m no help for you there.

    Keep it up…..you are a wonderful, entertaining writer!!


    1. Angel says:

      yea!! Beverly posted!!! Thanks for the comments. I really don’t believe you don’t have a chicken story. Thanks for the encouraging words.


      1. Beverly says:

        It’s true. I have a chicken story. But I am not sharing!


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