Pioneer Woman and my Uncle Leon-syllable counting sonsaguns

As part of my daily blog reading, I hopped over and read the Pioneer Woman’s website.   A couple of days back, she wrote a few haikus about the man who makes her hiney tingle.  Immediately, she reminded me of my Uncle Leon.  Not because they both live in Oklahoma, or not because they’re both old hippies, but they are both haiku writers.  I figured if PW can write haikus, then I can too.  Except I can’t really write haikus. So I took the liberty, (hope you don’t mind uncle), to pop over to my Uncle Leon’s Facebook page and click older posts, older posts, older posts a bajillion times until I compiled a sampling of his genius.



The sound of metal
The neighbor’s old weathervane
Makes pointing circles


What was snow covered
That left me sneeze-free for days
Now its’ not again


Snoozing on my couch
Under the ceiling fan drone
Chakra chimes jingle


the little old man
wonders of his existence
counting syllables

It’s like he has a Haiku-0-rama on his page.  People wish him happy birthday in haiku.  Friends respond to his posts in haiku.  Then the other day, he posted this……

For the truly insane. Write a Haiku poem, where the first letter of each line makes a three-letter word.

Why should we do this?
He doesn’t know the answer
You must help him now.

And boy did the haikus flow in.


Haikus aren’t terribly hard to write, unless you’re me.  Simply put, they are  3 line poems following a 5-7-5 syllable rule.

Here is my best effort:

Write me a haiku

In the comments underneath

You might win a prize!

This below is not a haiku, but just something I love and a bit of inspiration for all you poets out there!

You’re a poet and don’t know it,  but your feet show it.

They’re Longfellows.

Have fun, and remember 5-7-5!


  1. RB says:

    Greek to me!


  2. Lara says:

    Okay here it goes….

    My baby is sick
    The dog won’t quit barking now
    I want some cookies

    is this right? I am better at math. Haha


  3. leon says:

    And now I’m famous
    That wasn’t fifteen minutes
    But whose complaining


  4. amy says:

    Being sick alone

    Stinks when you have twins at home

    Thanks for the TV.

    Inspired by allowing Calliou and friends entertain as I lay in misery today!


  5. Suzanne says:

    My girls are fighting
    One day I will miss all this
    Now I want some peace!!!

    That was from my heart!!!!


  6. Blockader says:

    one two three four five
    one two three four five and six
    Syllable counting


  7. Angel says:

    Oh y’all are good! And funny!! I’ll be picking a winner later!


  8. dad says:

    you’re funny, babe.


  9. Mama says:

    That’s way over my ADD!


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