Happy VD

I’m just here to say that you haven’t experienced Valentine’s Day until you’ve experienced an elementary school classroom on Valentine’s Day.

The pink cookies with sprinkles, the Valentine Cards, the vanilla cupcakes with confetti icing, the heart-shaped donuts, the glittered Valentine boxes, the conversation hearts, the high volumed children, the green-sucker stained tongues, the sugar highs, (including me, the teacher), and finally the sugar crash.

I’m whipped.

Can I just tell you that I’m whipped?

Will someone please listen to me when I stress that I am W-H-I-P-P-E-D?


Cupid took a bull whip and lashed me, whipped me, stomped me, and then sat his fat, half-naked butt on top of me with an arrow poking me in the gut.

My brain is cream cheese frosting right now.


Here’s my logic:  if light is opposite dark, and black is opposite white, and up is opposite down, then salt is opposite sugar.  Logical?  Yes, I think so. 

I just consumed an enormous amount of Gardetto’s with 430 milligrams of sodium to help offset the 900 grams of sugar I ate today.

It’s not working.


My romantic thought of the day:  On our honeymoon Jason took me by the hand, pushed the PLAY button on Patsy Cline’s Crazy, and we slow danced cheek-to-cheek in Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame while tourists stared, and the world stopped turning except for us that day.


We can do no great things;
only small things with great love. —–Mother Teresa


Valentine Day?

How can anyone be romantic on a day with the initials VD?

Happy Heart Day, tell someone you love them.


  1. brandicayce says:

    I love you, Angel!


    1. Angel says:

      Fine, forget it.


  2. DONNA says:

    Mornin’ Angel … loved everything about this post and chuckled about all the “sweet stuff” at school. What grade do you teach? I thought as I was reading about several of the wonderful teachers I had MANY years ago (also about some who weren’t so great ;( ) and wondered what it would be like to have a young, fun, pretty and inspiring teacher such as yourself!! You must know you impact and change lives EVERYDAY! There is no greater calling than that. Hope you and Justin had a wonderful “heart” day!


    1. Angel says:

      Good morning and thank you for your encouraging and too kind words. I teach second grade, they keep me on my toes and laughing. Just yesterday one of my girls told me she was a cannibal for eating meat, when she meant carnivore. For a second I was worried what her mom was cooking at home 😉


  3. FinallyFast says:

    What a great post for valentines day! What is the first picture of?


    1. Angel says:

      That is just an old piece of wire I stumbled upon in the dirt. I thought it was neat that it looked like a heart.


  4. Mama says:

    Well, I don’t KNOW how you do it! Teaching IS the hardest job in the world! I really wish you had it much easier and didn’t have to work at all!


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