Reblog: In Memory of my dad #1

Today, I’m remembering my dad. I hope that’s alright with you.
It’s been 2 years, probably about this time exactly, that he died.
I miss him. A lot. Some days it hurts, and other days are just days like every other one  that has come before.
There’s a lot of good in this world, we shouldn’t dwell in sadness, so on a sad day,  I’m reposting this blog from a couple of years ago. It makes me smile. Hope you do too.

This is a repost.  It’s about my dad.  It’s bits and pieces from his emails, all compiled into one.

Ignore the punctuation and spelling, because he does too.

Even though you may not have known him, he was good at his job, so listen to him.

About Exercise:

“i’m really enjoying it, although i’m sooo tired by the end of the week. hope i can stay focused and motivated. i kno i’m never going to be small again, but, who wants to be a little old man, then everyone in town would be beating me up.”

On Learning How to Use Email/computer

“hey ang, got your email earlier and just found out how to get back to you.  how ya’all doin’. can’t find the question mark.”

On grandchildren:

“i’m getting awful anxious for little hannah to make her appearance soon, aren’t you?  That little ashlynn is such a little apple dumplin’ aint she?  this grandpaing is getting to be quite a kick.  think i’ll just live forever.”

On pictures he doesn’t want posted on facebook:

“my gosh, angel, lets get rid of that pic of me and you sitting outside your house. it looks like i forgot to p-ut my teeth in or sompin.”

When my brother lost his artificial leg floating on a raft in the Illinois river:

“i’m so sorry that stan lost his leg. at least he has another one
at home,”

On gangsta talk:

“hey ang, what up, homes?”

On poker

“hey girls, i played in a million dollar freeroll tournament yesterday, and
only made one bad play, and it cost me. i was about 2, 800 in chips and we
were down to about 1100 players. i was dealt pocket nines, and bet out for
about 800 bucks. the guy smooth called, and i put him on A-big, or a pretty
good hand like that. over the next two cards we got all our money in the
middle, i turned over the nines and he had aces in the hole. i say i made a
bad play because i led out bettin on the turn and river. i let him trap me,
i should have been checkin on the 4th card, and if he bet big, i could lay
the nines down. but, i wassn’t thinkin. i find a lot of people doin this in
a game with over 5,000 people in it. also people playin, 9-2 off suit, or
5-3 suited and suckin outon people. people that really have no idea what
they’re doin.”

I actually have no idea what you’re talking about, dad.  I take it you didn’t win me an inheritance?

On pets:

“so, you have a new dog…well, y’all be good to him and make sure he earns his keep. it sounds like he has more training then i could ever give him if he knows what “whoa” means. our stupid dog thought it meant “go at a high speed away from here” because that’s what he did when the gate was opened. i still miss him tho.”

On coming for a visit:

“I’m just going to drive all the way out to gray county, then i may get a room if i am
so tired i can’t continue. Once my truck gets a whiff of Pampa, it’s awful
hard to shut down, so i’ll be coming in at a high lope. Hope that your old
General Moters product don’t shake its self to death on that one stretch of
hi-way. Angel if you can put me up (with out me having to do anything)(and
for free) lemmee know, ok?………………… you’ns, ”

On Whining:

“i’m so lonely. noone ever emails me. i wonder what my kids are doing. probably eating icecream.
no body ever comes to see me. the neighbors won’t speak to me. my dog ran away. woe is me.”
On Advice:
“my best advice i can give is this: DON’T GET FAT.PERIOD.”
On Falling:
              “the thing is you’ve got to know how to fall.  Forwards, not backwards, and preferably into something soft, like a fat lady at       Walmart.”
On Love:
“remember i love you both. so love me back…”
I love you back, forever.


  1. Marie says:

    What a blessing to have his words to cherish. Love ya!


  2. Lara says:

    I love these!!!! I bet he was a hoot and kept you laughing. I love his gangsta talk. Hehe


  3. Bryan Fisher says:

    That is good stuff !! I can see him saying all those things. He’s told me several things on here. Bob was a good man with a good heart. he had very wise sayings. When I first met him about 18 or 19 yrs ago we had our talks around the kitchen table. I remember at Donnies wedding back in 1991, I think, Bob drove a white van and we all piled in it cause it started raining. That was a memory for about 5 of us guys that remains today in some great fun conversation.. Bob, you will be missed my friend, you’ve done your time here man, enjoy walking the streets of gold with your new body. This is not a good-bye, this is simply a, I will see you later my friend.


  4. Jilanne Hobson says:

    Angel, this is wonderful. Even though Brian and I couldn’t be at many of the get togethers, the few I have been at, Uncle Bob always made me feel like family. Sending much love and comfort your way.


  5. Lenore Diane says:

    S&*@ my Dad says ain’t got nothing on your Dad! These are fantastic! What a wonderful source of smiles (and tears) for the future. More tears now – no doubt – the smiles will come in time. Thank you for sharing these with your readers. You done did good!


    1. Angel says:

      I have never watched that show. Thanks for the comment.


  6. Amy says:

    He was a wonderful man and there was nothing made him sparkle more than his girls. I remember a lot of things about him, but probably the best is when you plopped down on his lap at a party (one we weren’t supposed to be at) and looked at him as if you were innocent and said, “but daddy…” I wish I could make the trip for the funeral, but I will be praying for all of you. xoxo


    1. Angel says:

      Oh man Amy, I remember that night. My brother was there as well. I didn’t get in trouble either did I? But I remember we left pretty quickly. Thanks for the memory girl. I had forgotten that one. Appreciate you!


      1. Amy says:

        Yes we left very quickly! I don’t remember your brother being there, I just remember us in complete and total shock to walk in and see none other than, Bob Briggs! He probably saved us some brain cells by being there.


  7. Deawn Sims says:

    As I sit here at 2 in the morning I am touched by the words your dad left you. I didn’t know him but he sounds a lot like my dad. I even found myself laughing. My heart is with you during this hard time, but I am so thankful you have his workds of wisdom, They are priceless. May God hold your hand and your heart during this time. Thinking of you. Much love Deawn


  8. LEANAN SPARKS says:

    angel u had a great dad he was so funny and a hoot to be around ..i known him a long time he loved u kids so so much and grandchildren..i so sorry to hear about him i dont know what he died of but im so very sorry to hear he did ..he will be dearly missed bye all that knew him ..may god be with u all during this hard time in Peace BOB


  9. Angel says:

    Reblogged this on The Life of a Self-Professed Rocket Surgeon and commented:

    Today, I’m remembering my dad. I hope that’s alright with you.
    It’s been 2 years, probably about this time exactly, that he died.
    I miss him. A lot. Some days it hurts, and other days are just days like every other one before.
    There’s a lot of good in this world, we shouldn’t dwell in sadness, so I’m reposting this blog from a couple of years ago. It makes me smile. Hope you do too.


  10. It made me smile, it made me laugh and it made me cry, grannie says come down n bring emma kate! dang, im missin him today, love you all


    1. Angel says:

      I miss him too. Love you and Grannie too!!!


  11. Aunt Velta says:

    Bob was good Dad, a good son to Mom and a good grandpa, I’m sure. and of course in my opinion a good brother, he was loyal to his entire family. even loved his bro’s-in-law, all 3 of them. So that’s really saying something about him. None of us really knew the pain he felt when his Dad left us. I think its especially hard on boys, and he was at a tender age when he really needed Daddy. so was Leon. That’s why I say he had a lot of inner pain that he kept to himself, I knew that. But you girls along with Stan and Steve and the grandbabies made up for a lot of it. and you all were the joy and sunshine in his life. love you


    1. Angel says:

      He wrote about when your dad left Aunt Velta. I’ve wanted to blog it, but have been holding back. It was pain-filled, yes. Love you.


  12. Donna H. says:

    The moment I saw this was about your Daddy, I knew it would bring an onslaught of emotions and sure enuf … it did! Laughter (out loud, no less) at most of them, some tears welling up on others and this from someone who I never ever laid eyes on or spoke a word to! I can’t imagine how he must have impacted all of you who had the honor of “really” knowing him and calling him FAMILY !! As always, his words warmed my heart and I thank you for sharing at a time when I know you are missing him beyond words. Hugs to you, Justin, EK and Ashlynn. Hold on tight to one another! Until next time … Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      He was so great! He was a quiet guy actually, but a writer himself and expressed himself best through words. Thanks for reading.


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