It’s A Boy!!

It’s calving season out here on the Golden Spread.  Spring is in the air.  Trees are budding, tulips are blossoming, and heifers are birthing. Heifers are young cows, first-time mamas.  I might even be as bold as to call them teenage mothers.  Unwed, teenage mothers.  My husband says you have to watch heifers closely becauseContinue reading “It’s A Boy!!”

Crazy Chicken Lady

While others are being entertained by Monday night TV programming, I am entertained by a chicken. My husband has nicknamed me The Crazy Chicken Lady. I don’t care.  Sticks and stones and all that jazz. Although videography is not my forte, and I am using my phone, and there is a red light in theContinue reading “Crazy Chicken Lady”

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Today was a windy day.  I went to put my hat on and it didn’t fit.  I think my head is swol up over all your compliments on yesterday’s blog. Good grief!  My intention was not for you to leave me comments about me or my blog, but you’re cool like that.   I thank you all for the sweet words.  Really, IContinue reading “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”

My Peeps

The sweet little chicks aren’t very little anymore.             They are growing faster than anything I’ve ever seen.  I don’t know if you can tell the difference in their size between the first and second picture, but it’s quite substantial in “real life”. The first picture was their first day with me, the second was taken Continue reading “My Peeps”

Funnies from the SchoolHouse: Class Clown

Class clowns.  They’re in every classroom across America.  Yes, even mine.  Today before writing time (which I love to teach by the way), I read a sweet children’s book called The Old Woman Who Named Things by Cynthia Rylant. It’s about this cute little old lady  who’s outlived all her friends, so she reluctantly gets a dog and they becomeContinue reading “Funnies from the SchoolHouse: Class Clown”