36 years….

I’m 36 years old today.  Only one sentiment can sum it up. 

My life is good.

This birthday had the potential to be an emotional train wreck, as my heart has been tender concerning the recent death of my dad.  Realizing this would be the first birthday of my entire life that he wouldn’t wish me a happy birthday made me semi-dread this day.  But instead it has turned into a day full of blessings.  The past two weeks of my life ,I have become keenly aware of how many people truly care for me.  And it touches me, it truly does.  I am determined to be a better person.

As I reflect on my life and where I stand, I can’t help but have a moment where I pause and think to myself, “Am I middle-aged?”  Of course, my first response is no way, but mathematically speaking, the numbers don’t lie.  The average lifespan of a woman is 78 years.  So class, let’s do a little arithmetic.  36+36=72.  Which means I’m purty dern close.  Pondering this equation leaves me solemn, if only for a minute.  If I allow my mind to pursue the thought of being middle-aged, I must come to grips that my life is half over.   But let’s not dwell on that. 

I’ve still got lots to look forward to.  Good stuff too, not just medicare and daily naps.

Today although I didn’t blow out any candles, I’ve made a few birthday wishes.

For my next 36 years I wish to:

  •  follow my dreams. 
  • love deeper.
  • forgive more.
  • judge less.
  • take better care of my health.
  • put more value in people than things.
  • continue to learn.
  • give to those with less.
  • take no one for granted.
  •  be more patient.
  •  learn to cry in front of people.
  • forget my past hurts.
  •  lose my pride.
  • find my courage.
  • believe in myself.
  • remember how blessed I am.

 Thanks for sharing my birthday with me.

Published by Angel

I’m Angel, a.k.a. Rocket Surgeon, and these are my chronicles. I love writing and I believe our stories should be shared, so here you’ll find anecdotes of my life, loves, worries, fears, joys, and experiences. I blog about my mishaps and adventures as a wife, mommy, auntie, wanna-be writer, teacher, Texan, country/city/mountain girl, cereal killer and Jesus-freak. A few things you might discover about me: •Jesus is my everything; without Him I am nothing, but with him I can do all things •My family makes this world a better place for me to live in •I adore chickens, the live ones, although the cooked ones aren’t too bad either •I have 2 dogs: Grace and Ozzie. And one cat: Rocky Muffin •My dream job would be to raise chickens and write best sellers Thanks for stopping by. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. I know your time is valuable and I honor you for spending a few moments here with me. I hope you find something to brighten your day, lighten your load, make you chuckle and remind you of the good in the world. “When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will." Pollyanna I’m always eager to meet new online friends, so leave a comment and introduce yourself.

14 thoughts on “36 years….

  1. Happy Birthday!
    I am aghast that you would even for a moment think you are middle aged, that stage comes around the late 50’s. 30s are still the years of the young and the youthful. So add to your birthday wishes this affirmation, “I am young and I am youthful”.


  2. Happiest belated birthday wishes! Now tell me, why are daily naps not a good thing?! Perhaps that comes on your 42nd birthday. (smile) Here’s to all your wishes coming true!


  3. Wishing you a belated birthday, also. I didn’t get to stop in yesterday ‘cuz my darling daughter came into the city from her “little home on the prairie” about two hours away, for HER birthday!! So her Daddy and I took her to lunch and a little shopping:) Listen, young lady, it doesn’t matter what the year on the calendar says … truly! (I’m 70 and most days have a hard time convincing myself that I’m really 70!!!!) Notice I said “most days”!!!
    If you can stick with those wishes that you listed you will do just fine for a long time. I know your Daddy must be so proud of you as he looks down on you today ‘cuz you make lots of
    folks stop and reflect. You are inspiring to your “visitors” and I am grateful each time that I stop in for a visit … I always leave with a smile! Now I know TWO Special girls born on March 10th! Until next time … Donna


  4. I love, love, love the comment from Donna H, whomever she might be! And, I love the ‘purty dem ‘ close, too. You are extremely brilliant (my most brilliant child) and you received that brilliance from your beloved Daddy! I can’t even imagine what I could have even minutely contributed to your becoming the fantastic woman that you are! I am proud, extremely proud that you are who you are. You are truly a blessed woman ( it is so hard for me to say woman….and I’ve said it twice), with so many talents. Your writing is beautiful, suberb, intertaining, exciting, fantastic, superfluous…….just like you! I am so proud that you belong to me! But, truly, I really had nothing to do with. it


    1. Can I go throw up now….;) Mom, don’t forget to say all these wonderful things about me when August rolls around…:)


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