We have a pet chicken.

We call her Freedom.  She wants out of the box in the worst way imaginable.

She’s the only one who discovered how to fly to the edge of the box.  Since then we taped up the sides.  She appears to be a Barred Plymouth Rock with a long stripe down her head.  She is only one of 3 that we can differentiate between.  They all look the same.

Freedom dreams of wide open spaces.  When she lays her little chicken head down and closes her little chicken eyes she dreams of eating grubs in the garden not hanging out in a cardboard box.  The brown cardboard walls are closing in and driving her chicken crazy.

She is not content in this box with these other peeps.  There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered and she knows it deep down in her little chicken heart.  She’s destined for greater things. 

When you lay your hand palm up in the box, all the other chicks scatter, but not Freedom.  She hops in ready for a ride out of that place.

She’s curious, friendly and bold.   

But manners?  She has none.  How does she expect to get far in life with antics like this?

She has so much to learn.


  1. Lena says:

    oh my that is funny-run Freedom run


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Hmm…. will boarding school be in Freedom’s future? Long live Freedom!


  3. Chas says:

    I love Freedom, she’s cute! How is Molasses doing?


  4. Suzanne says:

    I don’t think her name should be Freedom. I think her name should be….well, never mind!!


  5. donna H says:

    Hey, Angel …long time, no talk, but I’ve been “readin’ up” on all the antics of your lil’ peeps! As usual, I laughed right out loud when I saw Freedom’s “trademark” on the desk, and my hubby said “What’s happened?” I said ..” Nuthin, but Freedom pooped on the desk!” He looked at me, shook his head and left the room:) Guess you had to be part of the “in crowd” to get the humor, right??? Anyway, I love the name, Freedom, and definitely think you should keep it (the name, not the chick) When will you be able to put them outside, or will you find it too difficult to part with them, and start knitting little coats and hats for them (ha,ha) just kiddin’ya! ( My daughter lost three of hers also, but this is her second round so she is sorta past the ‘naming them” thing. Anyway, I have missed talking to you but have read all the last few posts and as always, have loved all of them. I have to admit I did get a little concerned when I saw you were giving away a “chicken” dinner … ah, I mean with all those little peeps runnning around, I wondered if they grew up that quickly or if you were just planning ahead!! Glad to hear you had another plan 😉 Keep on, keeping on. I love it and will check in again, real soon. Until next time .. Donna<3


  6. My camera is aching to take pics of the little dude….or dudette? Love it!


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