What You Love

  The sound of heavy bootsteps and the jingle of spurs woke me from dreams filled with high heels and travel plans.  My husband was up, dressed, and stirring around the house, waiting on the “guys” to get here.  It was time for me to rise anyway. I threw the shoes I was trying on in myContinue reading “What You Love”

A Marble Cake

She’s 12 today. A beautiful joy.  Even with a wad of orange gum in her mouth. She asked if she could have a marble cake.  Sure, you can.  And then she looked at her grandmother, and in her best 12-year-old, you’ve-got-to-be-kiddin-me, pre-teen, on-the-verge-of-knowing-everything voice, she said “You know that’s a KIND of a cake, not a cake with realContinue reading “A Marble Cake”


I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars or Gray’s Anatomy or American Idol.  Instead of sitting in front of the idiot box, I spend my evenings with chickens.  Yes I realize it leaves the question, “who is the real idiot here?”   They’re my form of entertainment. Covered in feathers, with feet like E.T., and mostlyContinue reading “Cock-a-doodle-dude?”

In Your Name, we ask these things

This post may not apply to you tonight.  But it’s heavy on my heart. Tomorrow many children all across my town, and my state, will be taking their state assessments.  And although I don’t have children of my own, I have gobs that have passed through my classroom doors in the past.  I also have oneContinue reading “In Your Name, we ask these things”

In Memory of My Dad #9

I love Saturdays for many reasons:  sleeping past the alarm, lounging in comfy clothes, a slower pace, slowly enjoying a second cup of coffee; sometimes even a third.  But right now in my life, I love Saturdays because it’s  a day when I hear from my dad.  His words, his stories, tell me more of his lifeContinue reading “In Memory of My Dad #9”

Good Friday? Yes, yes it was.

1:  day off 14:  chickens that run to meet me 12:   Blue Spruce’s to plant in honor of Earth Day 50:  pages read in a book 35:  minutes spent napping 15:  dollars spent on barbecue take-out 4:  laps taken around a pasture on a bicycle 5:  big spoonfuls of Blue Bell’s Great Divide Ice CreamContinue reading “Good Friday? Yes, yes it was.”

The Great Depression

Even though I’ve never really been a history buff, the period of the dust bowl and the Great Depression have me fascinated lately.  Why its on my mind, I don’t know, but I find myself thinking of the survivors of this period more and more.  I search their pictures and witness their struggles.  Travel with me,Continue reading “The Great Depression”