The Great Outdoors


This chickie mama act is turning out to be a harder gig than you might imagine.

The chicks are growing faster than hairs out of an old man’s ear. 

They have outgrown their square box, and I found it necessary to cut two boxes and tape them together at the ends to make a larger container. 

They seem a bit bored being stuck in a box all the time, so I found a brave bone in my body and decided to briefly expose them to the grass in my front yard.

Er, weeds in my front yard.

Allow them some fresh air, exercise, and curiosity.

I was home alone.  I grabbed Freedom and headed out the door.

It turns out, she’s mentally challenged. 

I set her down in the grass, and she stood there, still as a statue.  I gave her a small nudge to get her moving, but she did not seem interested in the outdoors at all.

“She must be retarded,” I thought.  I couldn’t imagine why she wasn’t pecking the ground, rummaging for bugs.  So I went in and found a different chick.

This one is Bookworm, named after my school librarian Marie.  Since she loves to eat worms, Marie suggested I name her Bookworm.

I hate to break it to you Marie, but she’s dumb.  I even set her near an antbed and she never even glanced their way. 

She just sat down, frozen in the yard.

I took Bookworm in and grabbed a yellow chick. 

Same song, different verse.  She didn’t walk around, peck the ground, or anything either.

I decided they couldn’t all be retarded, that just goes against the odds.  I considered sticking my nose in the dirt and showing them how to peck the ground, but it didn’t take long to learn that wasn’t a good idea after all .  My thoughts continued, maybe they needed a friend with them. They’re probably nervous all alone.  They are flock birds after all.

So the next day, when my niece was there to help me, I tried two at a time.

They did much better and started exploring.  See Freedom’s little tail?  I’m in love with it.

J-Dub came home and I told him about our outdoor adventure. 

The next day, he helped me take them all outside while I changed the litter in their box.

They are so funny.  We got a kick out of watching them attempt to fly, peck around, and fuss with each other.

Even Deuce came over to check out the chicks.  Typical male.

Then it was time to catch them to put them back in their box.

For the most part, they all stayed together huddled up.  But when the human hands began reaching down to grab them, tail feathers went up, and scurrying and peeping began.

We were able to grab them all, with lots of laughs, until the last one.  It was not keen on getting caught.  There were three of us humans running around a small fenced-in yard, pursuing a chicken.  We couldn’t hardly catch it for laughing so hard.  You’ve probably seen a cartoon exactly like it.  J-Dub reached down with both hands ready, and caught a fist full of air as the little chick  ran between his legs. 

After several attempts, she was nabbed and back in the box.

Great family fun was had by all.

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up, for their feathers to all grow in, and  more laughs to come as we watch them grow.


  1. RB says:

    They are getting so big. Better get the hen house ready and secured. Love


  2. Lenore Diane says:

    You may tire of chasing chicks, but I will never tire of reading these chick tales. Typical male – checking out the chicks. You’re a funny Chickie Mama. Keep it up, please!


  3. Angie says:

    Sounds like cheap entertainment to me:)


  4. Marie says:

    Love that you are having so much fun with your chickies but Bookworm is not dumb! His chickie mama should have found him a worm so he would know what to do out in this big scary world!


  5. Donna H says:

    Now THAT would be a video for youtube, I’m sure … 3 adult human”beans” running around a yard trying to catch a baby chick! I laughed right out loud when I read that and the part where you were thinking about teaching them how to peck the ground and it’s 11:55 at night and my hubby is already in bed. He always wonders what I am laughing about and I always say “another chick episode!!” I am going to be really sad when they grow up and you have no more “tails … oh wait, I mean tales” to tell about your brood(: Maybe you could order some more (he,he) ! Do you have a dog or cat? Probably not, since we haven’t heard any stories about them. Hey, btw, Deuce, is a really cool lookin’ horse, Justin! So glad you keep us posted about your furry friends… it really makes my day! Until next time … Donna


  6. Angel says:

    If I knew chickens were this much fun, I would have gotten them years ago.


  7. Donna H says:

    Hey Angel and Justin … Since you guys are so crazy about little “birds” thought you might like to check out this

    This is a nest of bald eagles with two little peeps about the size of Freedom and Bookworm and ONE egg that is going to hatch at any time!! What an amazing thing to watch, i.e., the feeding, and the nesting that the mom and dad do.. Mother nature is a beautiful thing! Some of your students might get a real kick out of this also. (my DH says you probably already know about this site, but just in case you don’t, thought I’d pass it on. Until next time. Donna H.


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