Try it, you’ll like it.

Wild West Willy called the other day.   He said he was going to stop by after he milked a goat.

My ears perked up at the mention of goat milking. 

If you’ve been a reader for very long, you might know goats are my next homesteading adventure.  Just quick as I get these here chickens learnt good.

The problem with my goat adventure, is the fact that I’ve never drank goat’s milk.  It would be a bad mistake to have a goat and hate her milk doncha think?

So when Wild West said he was milking a goat, I said, “Can you bring me a cup?”  Unfortunately for me, this particular goat had an infection and her milk couldn’t be drank.  My heart sank.

But then today, who should come driving up the path but Wild West with Tom the Goat Man, as a passenger.  Just like Santa Claus, they reached into a cooler and pulled out not one, but two big jugs of goat’s milk.

“Geez Louise, I only wanted a cup!”  I exclaimed.

Tom the Goat man gives me instructions:  If you can’t drink all that in about 7 or 8 days, put a little salt in it.  If it spoils, you can make cheese.

Okay.  I’m sorry, but salt in my milk doesn’t sound good at all, and cheese made from spoiled milk doesn’t either.  Although I realize spoiled cheese is probably what I’m eating on my grilled cheese sandwiches.

You know what I find strange?  We are so conditioned to buying our food from the grocery store already “fixed” for us, that the idea of food raw from an animal is a little unsettling to me.  Deep down I know it’s better for me nutritionally, but when I think hard about it, it’s a wee bit abhorrent.  I must get over that.

The men drove off and my emotions kicked in about drinking goat milk. 

I desperately want to like it.  I desperately want to be a goat milker.

But I’m apprehensive.  The last time I ate something from the  goat farm, I contracted goat flu.

Questions flood my mind. 

Am I gonna like it?

Is it gonna make me sick?

Is it gonna gross me out?

Will it be strong tasting? 

Will it have an odor?

I open the container and peer inside.

It looks like milk.

I bend over and smell it. 

It smells like nothing.  Absolutely no odor at all.

I dip out a cupful with a measuring cup.

I rub my hands together, pick up the glass, close my eyes.

And sip.


I take another sip.

It’s creamy.  It’s rich.  It’s magically delicious.  It tastes like milk from the store, only better.

Now, would someone please pass the cookies?


  1. Lara says:

    Does it taste like cows milk or more like soy milk?


  2. Donna H` says:

    eewww… you are so brave! I’m not even a regular milk drinker and I know it’s so good for you! Yet I love,love,love cheese of any kind (even stinky blue…yumm my fav) Go figure! When you get your new “kid” will it be in the house with the chicks???Justin’s going to have to build another bedroom or two I’m thinkin’!!Be sure to tell us what you did with all that milk. Can you cook or bake with it??? Maybe Jolea or Ashley could take some of it off your hands! Until next time…Donna


  3. Brandi says:

    Aren’t you the brave one. My kife is so boring compared to yours!


  4. Lenore Diane says:

    We’re getting goats when the chicks grow up? I can hardly wait! 🙂


  5. knotrune says:

    Goat milk is much better for you than cow milk. And way nicer than soy! My Dad has dairy intolerance so he uses goat milk for everything and it’s fine. Of course, that is pasteurised from the shop 🙂 I’ve never tried it straight from the goat! Although I did get to milk a sheep once 🙂

    Not sure about adding salt though. Salty coffee, bleuch! But you should try making cheese with some of it, that would be cool 🙂


    1. Angel says:

      Goat’s milk is drank is most countries except America. I’ve found people generally turn their nose up at the mention of it here.


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